My slice of creativity and science

It’s said that a rolling stone gathers no moss. Well, as a doctor (not practicing anymore), an ex-medical manager (in the Pharmaceutical industry) and a medical writer (at present), I have a feeling I’m more “moss” than Kate Moss 😉

In the 19 years since leaving university with a medical degree, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to “play the field” within my knowledge base. The majority of my working life was spent within the Malaysian Ministry of Health hospitals as a practicing doctor in various departments. Opportunities within clinical research, the pharmaceutical industry and finally the medical communications industry came knocking and, taking the chance on these have allowed for rich experiences and personal growth.

What I bring to the table
Medical knowledge (trained medical doctor).
Experiences from the perspectives of the practicing healthcare professional from government and private primary healthcare sectors, medico-marketing aspect of the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries and a medical writer.
The ability to manage multiple projects at different stages of development efficiently and in a timely manner.
Working independently or in a team.

Scope of work*
Ø  Training:

  • Disease and product training for sales representatives.
  • Training on basic journal article reading skills targeted to product managers and sales representatives.

Ø  Creation of various medico-marketing materials for pharmaceutical and nutrition based clientele as well as hospitals. These include materials such as:

  • Detailing aids (DA) including e-DA.
  • Leave behind materials (LBM).
  • Patient fronted materials e.g. posters, patient education leaflets/booklets and patient diaries.
  • Video storyboards.
  • Flipcharts for healthcare professional use.
  • Advisory board meeting minutes/reports.
  • Symposium highlights.
  • Content for online materials, copy editing website content.
  • Case studies that require interviewing specialists in relevant fields.
  • Development of presentation slide decks for Round Table Discussions/Continuing Medical Education/public talks.
  • Manuscripts for journal publications.
  • Editing policy and procedure manuals.

Ø  360 brand communication plans.

Ø  Secretariat and editorial roles in creation of clinical practice guidelines and consensus statements for medical associations/societies.

Ø  Proof reading and editorial support.

Ø  Lifestyle article writing



Though immersed in the arena of medicine, health and medical writing, I have always been attracted to the mystical, mythical and spiritual aspects of this journey we call Life. I think that tarot and oracle decks are beautiful works of art that have messages within for the reader and my love of colours and mandalas, eventually led me to Aura-Soma. You can find these at the Artful Scribe.