Manifestation: Working with the Law of Attraction

This will be the 2nd last post based on the Anne Jones’ workshop I had attended a few weeks ago.

For the longest time I couldn’t or wouldn’t buy into this Law of Attraction thing. I’ve heard some of my friends talking about it and the thing is “Go out and have an expensive coffee” , “Act rich to attract the money” and the silly “Tell yourself you are slim and beautiful” just didn’t sit right with me. I did and do believe though that what we send out to the Universe we attract back, in some form or other. So when I signed up for this workshop (with my sis urging me on), I was curious to see what Anne’s ideas would be.

Below are the steps that Anne Jones taught us on manifesting your wants and / or needs.

  • The Goal

The greatest gift that we all have is the gift of choice. The freedom of choice is ours. To manifest we need to firstly make the choice of that goal and only then stating our intentions / goals. When we state our intention it can’t be wishy washy. It has to be a clear and strong intention.

At this juncture she told us a story about a lady friend. She put out her intention to find a special someone. Not only did she put it out there, but her intention came with a list of everything she wanted in a man. He had to be nice, funny, intelligent, hold a good job..etc, etc. And with all that detail, she eventually found him…over the internet. Soon it was time for to meet. Lo and behold…there he was, in front of her eyes..the guy that she intended to be with, fitting everything that she wanted in a man except….he was…bald!! 😉 (She forgot to include that the guy needed to have a full head of hair too)

I’m thinking the moral of that story was, clear and strong intention is fine, but maybe withhold on the minute details. Life needs to be surprising too, you know 😉

So, the first step would be to make the choice of wanting something and stating your intention. Though it doesn’t have to be too detailed it would help if you knew some of the details. For example, just saying I want to be a successful business person isn’t really quite clear…there are a lot of different types of businesses out there. Maybe  you have all thought of  running a little coffee shop and seeing it blossom into a roaring success, then that’s a little more helpful.

  • Testing your goals / intentions

This to me is the most important step. You know, we all have our wants and our perceived needs. Most times if you are like me, its molded from our experiences, from the influences of the outside world, the perceptions of what is right or good  and a lot of other influences. Sometimes what we think or even feel is right for us, may not really be truly right for us.

There are 2 tests that Anne suggests we do after we have listed our goals / intentions.

1. The 3 questions: As these 3 questions and answer them as honestly as you can. Don’t be afraid, because to be honest I was a tad bit scared. I had written out what I wanted and was scared that none of it would be “IT”.

  • Question 1: Is this something that I want. Is this my choice or someone else’s dreams?
  • Question 2: Is this something that I should / ought to do OR is this something that I truly want to do?
  • Question 3: Am I being influenced by others or  though readings, prophecies, destiny etc?

You should have 2 yeses and 1 no. Also, by this step a few of those goals might need to be discarded.

2. Asking your Heart and Higher Self : We know that our Heart is the door way to our Higher Self. The heart to me is simple, kind and pure. Sometimes, it’s just been barricaded by a lot of muck , thorns and walls, but in its essence the Heart is truly simple and pure. The Higher Self is the repository of all the wisdom that we have accumulated, it’s where our instincts come from and it that part of us that is light.

So what better way to be doubly sure that these goals are truly to serve our Highest good than to ask our inner selves?

  • Breathe in and out slowly. Relax yourself and know that what you are about to do will only serve your Highest good.
  • Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your heart center. You can visualize yourself walking down a beautiful spiral staircase leading to your heart center.
  • Imagine a door in front of you. The door to your heart. Open and enter through the door way into your heart.
  • Imagine yourself sitting in your heart center. It can be that “happy place” you go to or like me it can be a room with a cool breeze blowing in from huge floor to ceiling windows. As long as you have the intent to be inside your heart it doesn’t really matter what you imagine your heart to look like.
  • Then ask your heart if this is goal / intention will serve your Highest good. . If it is, you will feel at peace. If it isn’t, it just won’t feel right.

By the time you complete this step, you’d probably have whittled down your list to maybe 3 or 4 major goals…or even 1.

The next step is to Set your intentions

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