Manifestation: Working with the Law of Attraction

  • Setting your Intentions / Goal

There are different ways to set / anchor your intentions.

1. Visualize:

  • Close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly. Calming your mind.
  • Bring your awareness to your heart center.
  • Imagine that from your heart center, you start walking down this path. It’s a beautiful peaceful path that can be located on a beach or in a garden.
  • Soon you come to a brick wall with a door.You realize that behind this door is the manifestation of your dream. When you open that door you will see your dream in action.
  • Open the door and walk through it, right into your dream.
  • See it unfolding before your eyes. See your coffee shop filled with people, enjoying themselves and a magazine article listing your coffee shop as a successful business.

2. Write what you saw and felt. (this can also help those that are unable to visualize). Don’t spare the details but don’t go over board with it either 😉

3. Draw it out. Have fun with colours.

Someone in the workshop drew himself winning the lottery to get the capital to start his dream. Don’t discount it happening 😉

Next you need to anchor that intention. Before you even tell anyone about your grand plan, anchor it. It’s important to know that the goal / intention that you have set is still fragile and new. The last thing we want is for someone to look at us as if we’ve gone all wonky. It’ll make us doubt our selves, it’ll make us lose hope and our dream may just crumble.

To anchor your intentions, Anne suggested that we could use the “manifestation symbol”.

What we did with the manifestation symbol was to draw it 3 times on our drawing.

Another way is to find your closest and most trusted friend. Someone that you know will support you even if you tell her that your dream was to live on the moon by 2015 ! (We’ll hope your dreams aren’t from la-la land but grounded on the earthly plane). Show her your drawing / writing. Tell her about your goals and as she listens give her permission to ask you questions about your intentions / goal. It’s important that these questions BUILD on your dreams, makes it more practical, makes you think of something that you may have forgotten or something that will enhance your dream. There should not be ANY questions that will tear it down. Not one.

If you don’t have anyone that you can trust your dream with, then I feel the best is to go back to what we know and that is to go back to our heart center.[ This is something that I’ve come up with and not taught by Anne, but the principles are the same]

If you can visualize:

  • Hold the vision of your dream / goal  in your mind’s eye.
  • Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your heart center.
  • When you are comfortably settled in your happy place, bring up the vision of your dream.
  • Tell yourself (out loud or in your heart) : This is my goal, my dream. This is my intention that will serve my Highest good.  I fill my dream and my goal with light and with love; and I anchor and ground it within myself and within this earthly plane, now. Right now. Right now. (you can do your own affirmations as well, whatever suits you).

I feel the most important thing is to know without a doubt that your goals and your dreams are a part of you and that you have tested it with your own Heart and Higher Self. You hold the key to your life path.

If you can’t visualize:

I feel you could do the same thing, except this time hold the paper which you have written your dream / goal. Look at it and read it (aloud or in your heart). Then bringing the awareness to your heart center, just say an affirmation.

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