Manifestation: Working with the Law of Attraction

  • The Action Plan

It would be wonderful if we could just set out intentions, visualize our dreams and anchor it, then sit back to wait for the Universe and Life to send us all sorts of goodies. Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t work that way because we need to know what we have to do to attain our goals.

So start a list. It can be a plain old numbered list or it can be a fancy list with arrows going here, there and everywhere. It can be colourful with little hearts and flowers decorating each item. It doesn’t matter. This is your action plan! This is what you would need to do to accomplish your goals.

Starting that coffee shop business, well maybe you might need to learn about making coffee first. A business needs a business plan – so get to it.  Then step by step check each item of that list. Don’t discount items from that list being checked out in unconventional ways or ways that you didn’t think of. It’s a plan, it’s life – be open minded enough to know that help can come from anyone and any where…why limit ourselves 🙂

  • Managing your mindset and energies to support your intention

Keep your energies high and be focused.

I’m one of those who believe that if a person is totally too happy ALL the time , there’s some thing wrong somewhere. Having only ONE emotion which is “look at meeeeeeeeeee! I am happeeeeeeeeee!!” at times unfortunately makes me want to bash their smiles in. So…don’t expect to be totally into your goals with EVERYTHING on your Action Plan actioning themselves out neatly and perfectly. There will be times when your doubts may drop by for a visit or you may encounter a slight hiccup in your plans. The thing is KEEP GOING!! Have faith that it will work out.

  • Keep going back to your heart. Like all good planners keep going back to your heart. Keep asking those 3 questions. Go back to your heart to focus and to re-evaluate.
  • Do spontaneous acts of kindness! The good feeling of doing something kind towards someone will boost your energies.
  • Gratitude and abundance ritual:
  1. Find a quiet place.
  2. Breathe in and out 4 times.
  3. Write a list of everything that lights a flame of gratitude in you.
  • Protection from energies that will bring you down
  • Learning to meditate.

Those are the steps that Anne thought us during the workshop and if you are going to try them let me know how it goes!

Before I end though:

  • As I mentioned I do believe that what you put out there into the Universe you get back. The clearer the intention is, the more defined will be what is returned to you.
  • I also believe that practicing the Law of Attraction is not to just think about it and / or act in a certain way. I feel that we need to put in our effort. We do our best and then leave it in the hands of God, there are times when we need to let go of the controls.
  • Our goals / dreams have to be feasible and “practical”. It’s got to be grounded because we are living on this earthly plane. I’m not saying limit yourself , I’m just saying wanting to live on the moon by July 2012 might be pushing it a bit, you know?
  • If you have ALWAYS wanted to be a singer. You’ve taken lessons, you’ve practiced hard, you’ve done everything that you can think of to hone your skills. Only thing is…you sound like an out of key frog croaking on its death bed…maybe singing isn’t really your calling. It could be your calling is in the music industry itself, not as a singer but as a producer or talent manager…just not singing. So keep your heart and your mind open 🙂

If you have any thoughts or feedback please feel free to comment 🙂

Blessings and light.

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