The Highway of Life

One of the things that I have thought about is , if we have free will and have the ability to make choices where then does fate and our planned destiny fall in? These are my thoughts on this. Some may agree and some may not. Read on and if it inspires you to, let me know your thoughts on this πŸ™‚

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I have always believed that our life journey starts with a plan that is supposed to take us from Point A to our destiny which is Point B. I believed that this plan was God’s plan for us. However, through talking with others and some reading, I’ve come to understand that though God does have a part in this plan we do too. As souls we decided with God what our life journey should be like, how long it should take, what were the lessons that we needed to learn or re-learn; and the contracts that we need to fulfill for others or to others.

However, coming down to the earthy plane things sorta get a little…uhmm…confusing. See, I used to think that when we are born into this world we come in with a clean slate, but that isn’t really the truth. We come in with the wisdom that we have acquired from past lives, we come in with imprints of energies from past lives and cords that binds us with other souls; and those karmic contracts that we need to fulfill.

For the sake of this post, lets just say that even with all that we do come in with, we are born with a clean slate. Ready for the world to accept us and ready to accept the world we were born into. So, it seems that life really shouldn’t be too difficult right? We have our plan, we have the map, life should be one straight highway leading us straight from being born to fulfilling all our lessons and finally ending up at our destiny. Hmm..not a chance. I mean seriously, where is the fun in that!

That picture…yea that would be our life journey. That’s the “fun” part of life, because see we are firstly born with free will, the freedom of choice and secondly once we start living life we forget. With all that we experience in life, with all the influences of growing up, with all the “rights” and “wrongs” we are taught, the game of life we live, joining the race to success and everything else…we forget to listen to us. We are unable to hear or feel our instincts, we lose the ability to listen from the heart andΒ  our great blue print of life sorta gets buried under all ofΒ  it.

If you can imagine our life journey as the point the highway starts at the upper left corner of this picture and draw a line along it, you’ll end up at the right lower corner of the picture. That we can take as our planned life journey. That’s the fixed plan, that’s the fixed destiny or our fate. And all those other highways you see like tributaries of a river coming outΒ  and some others coming at it from the outside – those are the choices that we make in our life. The choices that we make are our own. Sometimes these choices come from within us and sometimes circumstances or the way we perceive things shape the decisions we make.

That’s what a plan is anyway. A plan is a dynamic thing. It does change. It’s like planning for a big event. We start with the idea of what the event is, the end point so to speak. To reach that end point we make a plan. During the course of preparing for the event, the plan will change because of many different reasons but in the end, the result will be the execution of the big event.

So is our life journey. We practice the freedom of choice at every moment of our life. From the time we open our eyes in the morning till we lay down in bed at the end of the day we’ve exercised that free will. And each and every decision or choice that we have made was based on our free will. Each and every choice that we make will lead us to lessons that we needed to learn. Sometimes we learn those lessons, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we learn those lessons well and continue on our journey and sometimes we keep walking in circles because we can’t seem to grasp the lessons or we’re scared to learn them. We keep going back to the same situations again and again wondering what the hell is going on. Why is it that we keep getting into the same type of negative relationships time again? Why do we keep landing jobs that make us equally frustrated? (that would be my question πŸ˜‰ )

The thing is, however many “detours” we take in our life journey it will still lead us back to that main highway that leads us to our destiny.

So can we have fate or destiny and at the same time practice free will? For me the answer is yes.

4 thoughts on “The Highway of Life

  1. I like thinking in terms of destiny and fate, but they always confuse me at the same time, Shree. I’ve always thought destiny as something that we were ‘born’ to do, something that was planned for us long before we were here. Fate, on the other hand is something that happens to us, either planned or unplanned, and unexpected but not entirely unexpected. Told you it was confusing!
    Like… we were destined to be born and we are destined to go out the other end when our time comes; along this journey, there are other things that have been ‘planned’ for us to experience and then there are other events that will happen that we will ‘stumble’ across. Destiny and fate, the same kind of thing yet totally different.
    I love the straight road analogy, but there isn’t much fun going that way all of the time, is there?
    Another great post here, Shree! πŸ˜€


    1. Hi Tom! Thanks for the comment. Yes, I do understand what you mean. Destiny is usually referred to a particular point in our life whether it is a destination or an action while fate is more of something that happens TO us. The straight road would be tad boring I must say…and detours are nice (in a way)…sometimes unexpected outcomes occur that allows us to grow a little more than planned…I guess that would be what we call fate πŸ˜‰


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