The amla fruit that sparked a life lesson

Sometimes the understanding of a life lesson or the ability to some how simplify a life lesson can come from the strangest source. This one came from eating an amla fruit.

The amla fruit (also known as the Indian Gooseberry) was introduced to me in the form of its juice, a not very unpleasant sour drink that I mix with water and take twice a day. I got interested in it when I happened to hear a colleague of mine talking about it to another, saying that it had helped someone whom she knew to lose weight and helped to curb her appetite as well. Losing weight is like a magic word that makes something in me go “ding ding ding!”. I looked at the bottle and it said “99% Amla juice and 1% preservative” – that’s as natural as one can get, other than actually consuming the fruit. So I said “One please!!”.

The amla fruit is very rich in Vitamin C and has great anti oxidant properties. (This link will lead you to a short article on the fruit and its therapeutic properties). Just this evening a friend brought some amla fruit for me to try. I had mentioned to her that I was taking the juice and as she came across the fruit (and she too had very good things to say about the properties of the fruit) she bought some to let me try.

The first bite (and the next few bites till the fruit was gone) was an experience that I can quite safely say blew my mind! It was the most sour anything that I had ever tasted in my life! In fact, it is bordered onto a bitter taste. Eek! I persevered though. Contorting my face and chewing on the fruit till it was gone. Here’s the thing though. The fruit however badly sourish it was, left this lingering sweet after taste.It wasn’t over overpoweringly sweet. You had to wait a bit and it slowly “showed” itself. I needed to actually wait and pay attention to it.

So there I was taking little bites of the fruit, chewing on it fibrous pulp, face doing contortions, arms flapping about reeling with that almost bitter sour taste and then after that passed the sweet after taste; and my mind whispered to me “Isn’t this like tasting a bad time in your life or a bad hurt? Is this what it means when one says learning our lessons with grace?” Mulling about life while eating a fruit – that’s me I guess 😉

It’s true though. When we go through bad hurts or a bad situation in life, they are bringers of lessons to us. Once we get through the hurt or pain the idea or the aim would be to look back at it to see what those lessons are. Not for anyone else but for us. Like the lingering sweet after taste, when we are able to look past our hurt most times if we are honest and humble enough, we can see them. Sometimes they are shinning beacons and at other times like the flickering of a candle, but they are there. For us to see, to feel, to take in, to ponder and then to assimilate. To take them as the light they are and add to our wisdom. The problem is most of us tend to not notice that sweet after taste. We get angry, we get indignant, we fight it, we run and hide. We don’t pay attention or are afraid to look back to see what those bad times could mean for us.

I believe that we as souls have come down to this earthly plane to teach and to learn. I’m beginning to reevaluate this thought and look at it a little differently. What I am seeing now is that each and every interaction we have with other souls and even with all other things in nature teaches us something. Even as we are teaching someone a lesson or playing a part in it , we ourselves are being taught our own lessons. It is our responsibility to learn those lessons. It is not for us to say that a situation did not have a lesson for us, because you see I don’t think that’s true. Even in a situation where we are not “at fault” – we still have our lessons to learn. Not lessons steeped in bitterness, anger or pain; but lessons that come from understanding and acceptance. The bottom line is that the lessons in our life should be about us. Our need to change. Our need to grow. Our need to ascend.

Awesomeness is in the sharing of thoughts :)

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