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       The tarot and/ or oracle cards to me (and to many others) are tools that serve us as guides. They are like the GPS for our life journey and are just one of the many tools that can help us in our journey – back to our authentic selves. Crystals, books, meditation and even I believe singing bowls are just some of the tools that are available to us.

The tarot deck – originated as playing cards from Italy (and some sources say from France). They evolved into tools for divination or as means of fortune telling. Made popular by stories and movies of women dressed as gypsies sitting in a dark tent with the ever present crystal ball foretelling doom to the main character it has fascinated and at the same time been looked at with some sort of fear.

More pragmatic people or those that are governed by only science have instead looked at it with a sense of disdain. Maybe inducing an “eye roll” whenever the topic of tarot cards crop up. Linked with the mythical mumbo jumbo along the lines of voodoo, unicorns and fairy dust (stuff that I actually think exist but let’s not digress)

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Nine of Coins from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck
Nine of Coins from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Rider- Waite cards were created and published in the US and are known as “the” tarot deck to use.  This deck comes with 72 cards divided into the Major and Minor arcana; the minor arcana cards divided into suits that mimic that of playing cards. There are 4 suits in all: Cups, Wands, Pentacles and Swords; within each also having “court cards”. I remember buying a deck a long time ago when I was in India studying. I tried reading the guide book and getting used to them but it never worked out (or I was just being plain lazy) and gave up. I can’t remember where I left them or what I did with them but they aren’t part of my life.

I don’t know much about these cards. I do know that this deck is played or used within a structure. The   cards each carry a meaning and most that use these cards tend to read them in a very structured manner based on the written meaning of the card and where it is placed in a spread. Cards that are upright have a different meaning than those that are inverted.

Oracle cards on the other hand are a little different. There are SO many different oracle cards out in the market right now it isn’t even funny! There are Oracle cards for romance, for your life purpose, cards of Archangels, Ascended Masters, Mermaids and Dolphins, Orbs, Goddesses and the list goes on and on. Oracle cards have been developed by many different people as well. Some work alone but most work together with artists. From what I know, the messages and the visuals are channelled from their higher selves, from angels, the Ascended Masters and other light beings. The number of cards in Oracle decks differs. Some have as little as 22 and as many as over a hundred. They can be played / placed in a particular structure or not. Most of these cards come with a guidebook with the description and the intended message for each of the cards.

       Reading Oracle cards can be done by just reading off the guidebook or it can be read intuitively. Most Oracle decks do not have another meaning for inverted cards, so when a card is opened inverted (or reversed) you just need to put it upright to study it.

What I’ve been taught is that when you want to read a card intuitively be aware of where your eyes are drawn. What part of the card are you drawn to and usually the first thought that comes to your mind is what the card is trying to tell you. The thing is we should over analyse the meaning of the cards, we got to go with the heart or that “gut feeling” because that’s where intuition comes from…not from the mind, but from the heart. It’s not easy to do, though some naturally are attuned to their instincts and can access it easily. My problem is I tend to think too much and I doubt myself. It’s something that I need to learn NOT to do.

Oracle cards are gorgeous with lovely pictures. There are different ways of choosing a deck for you. One way that I have learned is to hold the deck in your hand and asking yourself if you need them or not. Stand still with your eyes closed (or not) and tune in to what you feel.  If it feels correct then get them. One can’t have too many of these lovely cards to play with J

Another way is to close your eyes with the deck in your hands and ask “Do I need these cards?” If you lean forwards then the answer is yes, if you lean backwards then it’s a no.

What I do is flip through the deck. If I keep ooo-ing and ahh-ing at the colours and pictures on those cards, I get it!

7 thoughts on “Tarot Oracle Cards

  1. I own the Rider Waite Tarot deck and a set of Healing With the Angels Oracle cards, Shree, and I’ve not looked at them for a while… you’ve inspired me to pick them up again! I started to learn the Tarot, and got to know the Major Arcana quite well, but then didn’t get the Minor cards as easy… I can start again with them though! The readings I do are only for myself anyway, so it’s a good learning process!
    Thanks for the inspiration, Shree! 😀


    1. Hey Tom 🙂 You’re most welcome! I have 4 decks of cards and I too haven’t “played” with them for some time…I’m hoping to do so as well! It is a good learning process. From what I have read in some forum…the Rider Waite deck can also be read intuitively…might want to check up on that though.


  2. I liked this blog post (I was just surfing and found it). I think you have a nice, relaxed and natural attitude toward cards. I created an oracle deck of my own. It’s been quite a journey creating it, and I’m sure it’s jut the beginning of the journey. It’s not for sale, but I do offer readings with it, and people seem to be finding them helpful.



  3. That’s interesting, though I still don’t really understand them. I guess that it would take a long time to truly understand the subject.
    If they have Mermaid and Dolphin Oracle cards, they should have Wombie cards as well!


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