Tarot Oracle Cards

Tarot or Oracle cards are a great way to learn about yourself and what deeper issues you are dealing with at any one time. Depending on the type of spread you can learn about the past, where you are in the present and if you are to continue on the path that you are on what may be the future. It is also a great way to ask your higher self (and you guides) what lessons you need to learn for the day or week. Before you start a reading for yourself, I’ve been taught that it is a good idea to clear the cards of any sort of energies that might be in them. You can do so by holding the deck in your dominant hand and knocking it with your non dominant hand once. Then send out an intention to the cards to fill them with light. Once done you can start shuffling the cards with whatever question you have in your mind. My sister told me of a friend that shuffles her cards and says to them “C’mon cards, tell me something!”..hehe.

There are a few things that you (and I) need to remember about the tarot and oracle cards.

1. They are tools, our friends to help us reach inside ourselves to find the path back to our authentic selves. We still hold the power of our life within us. We are ultimately responsible for the choices and the path we take. When we pick the cards for a reading and the type of placement we choose for a particular reading, it is US doing it. Not the cards, not some unseen force. It’s the force within us that governs it. When we read the meanings from the cards, again it is from within.

2. Always protect yourself before playing / reading your cards. Ask Archangel Michael to surround you with this blue light of protection or ask God to protect you within His white light.

3. Oracle cards are fun! Play with your cards, get to know them and have fun!!

7 thoughts on “Tarot Oracle Cards

  1. I own the Rider Waite Tarot deck and a set of Healing With the Angels Oracle cards, Shree, and I’ve not looked at them for a while… you’ve inspired me to pick them up again! I started to learn the Tarot, and got to know the Major Arcana quite well, but then didn’t get the Minor cards as easy… I can start again with them though! The readings I do are only for myself anyway, so it’s a good learning process!
    Thanks for the inspiration, Shree! 😀


    1. Hey Tom 🙂 You’re most welcome! I have 4 decks of cards and I too haven’t “played” with them for some time…I’m hoping to do so as well! It is a good learning process. From what I have read in some forum…the Rider Waite deck can also be read intuitively…might want to check up on that though.


  2. I liked this blog post (I was just surfing and found it). I think you have a nice, relaxed and natural attitude toward cards. I created an oracle deck of my own. It’s been quite a journey creating it, and I’m sure it’s jut the beginning of the journey. It’s not for sale, but I do offer readings with it, and people seem to be finding them helpful.



  3. That’s interesting, though I still don’t really understand them. I guess that it would take a long time to truly understand the subject.
    If they have Mermaid and Dolphin Oracle cards, they should have Wombie cards as well!


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