What do the cards have to say ?

 Sort of a Foreword:

I think I have procrastinated long enough on this venture. For some time now (read a few months!) my sis and I somewhat in togetherness decided that it would be a great idea for me to start doing a tarot card spread posting each week. This would get me to play with my cards, get to know them and a great way to practice on reviving my intuition AND of course make use of all those hours spent learning the basics of how to read tarot cards intuitively.

True to myself, the great procrastinator that I am, it has taken me *this* long to actually do my first tarot card spread post. Well at least no one can say I am *not* being true to myself (we won’t go into the fact that as spiritual beings of light we really should not be putting limitations on ourselves and all that stuff…okay?)

Hmm..I’m not really sure what else I should include in this Foreword…but for now I’m just going to hop along merrily to the Introduction (that’s just my style 😉 )


So, the idea of this category of posts will be to do a tarot card reading from my John Holland Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck. If I’m being good, I should be doing this once a week. If not…well, let’s be positive and say that I will be good!

Intuitive tarot card reading to me is basically reading the cards…intutively. Ask a question before shuffling the cards, keep the question in mind, spread the cards and then pull out whichever card or cards that you are drawn to. Look at the card(s) and notice what in the card draws your attention. The great thing about these Oracle decks is that it’s like a story in a card. When you intuitively read cards usually it’s the first thing that comes to your mind. What do you see? What story is the card trying to tell you? What sort of feelings does it invoke in you?

You know the thing with tarot cards is that you may not like what they tell you or you may not be ready to understand what they are trying to say. I’ve tried, my sister has tried and I’ve seen quite a few friends try to re shuffle and re pull out cards again and again; even from different decks – and each time though the cards may be different the messages are still the same! As for not understanding what they are trying to say – most times it’s just us being stubborn and not allowing our minds see what our hearts know 😉

Sometimes reading the guidebook that comes with these cards can also help though most times I don’t really go back to the guidebook. I just go with what I feel, though to be honest at this point in my journey I have to consciously get rid of the self doubts that I feel. Self doubts don’t do anything but make you sputter along the way and don’t serve any purpose other than to make things difficult!

How the actual post will be structured:

For starters I will be doing a one card reading.

The first part of the post, I will type out what I feel / see from the card. The second part of the post, I will transcribe the meaning of the card as it is from the Guidebook.  I will probably break the 2 parts up into 2 pages so that the post itself won’t look very long and put you off from reading it. It will also be easier for those that would want to go straight to the Guidebook description of the card.

Before reading the description from the Guidebook maybe you’d want to look at the card too and see what it says to you, and if it’s not too personal you could share your insights as well! We never know whom it might help.

What I would like to achieve from these posts

Well as mentioned earlier, doing these posts will get me to start playing with my cards again and getting to know them better. It would also make me start to reach in and re activate that intuitive feeling that I have closed off for so long. My main aim though is that I would hope someone that comes across these posts would be helped in some way…even if it is to trigger them to reflect on a certain aspect of their live and by doing so arrive at the answer that will best serve their highest good.

Right…you’d think that I would think that I’ve prattled on long enough trying to procrastinate again…in this instance you would be right!

So, on to my first “tarot card reading” post! (This will be the next post…of course)

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