Tarot card for the week (19th August 2012)

John Holland’s Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck.

Minor Arcana card: Emotional Loss.

Green border signifies: Emotion / Heart

What does this card tell me today?

The heart is the doorway to our divine self. See how the curved lines radiate out from the heart and flows to the point in the distance, of bright light?

Don’t worry as we are all God’s children and we are all part of Him. We are nothing more or less than His extension.  I’m attracted to the reddish orange glow at the area of the man’s heart. It makes me feel sad, a burdened heart. Sadness is an emotion that we will go through in our journey. It is there to teach us to appreciate joy. If you are saddened or if your heart feels like it is carrying a heavy load, trust God or the Divine and trust your heart. Let it heal, let your higher self help you heal your heart.

When we connect with our Divine self or Higher self the love and wisdom it has will flow through to us. After all, it *is* a part of us. It *is* us.

Don’t be so sad for you are truly not alone. Like the many stars out in the night sky there are all your friends, your angels, guides and most of all God /Divine / Source there with you. To guide you, to lift you up, to stand beside you and if you are willing to walk with you on your journey.

You have the strength. We all do. Inside us we have such a well of potential that is boundless. So don’t doubt yourself but instead reach in and up to access it.

However hurt you are, don’t close your heart. You may be thinking about it, you may be thinking that it is not worth the hurt and the pain, you may be thinking a lot of things…that’s okay, that’s natural…but please don’t close your heart because once you do it can be so difficult to open it up again!

What is this card trying to tell you?

2 thoughts on “Tarot card for the week (19th August 2012)

  1. I really like the images on these cards, Shree!
    I tried to take more notice of all of the details on this card, and I paid particular attention to the curved lines radiating out from the man’s heart… but didn’t notice they were flowing to the light in the background! Sigh.
    Now that I have noticed that, however, I’m seeing it slightly differently… the light is flowing into the heart, not out from it. I also get the impression that it’s creating some kind of a shield… hmmm…


    1. Bravo Tom! See..to you it looks like the light is radiating TO the heart..which is great because that means something to you. I know the feeling when you only notice some of what is on the cards but then someone comes along and says…Oh look at that! and you never noticed it before…I makes me doubt myself, BUT what I am learning is that when the card speaks to you , you will notice what is most relevant to you at that point in time…so trust your heart and your intuition 🙂


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