Tarot card for the week (10th September)

Tarot cards for this week 10th September 2012

John Holland Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck

 Present situation: Major Arcana Card: HOPE

What needs to be done: Chakra Card: Solar Plexus

Today I decided just for a change to pick two cards instead of one. My question was “What do those that visit this blog need to know for this week?”

I gotta admit though, I sort of cheated. As I was shuffling the cards, FIVE jumped out from the deck…so I took it as my unprofessional way of shuffling the cards and reshuffled them again, cut the deck in two and shuffled each portion separately. One card jumped out from each and that was that.

 Major arcana cards are special because it points you to a major situation or point in your life. According to the guidebook, if you have a Major arcana card in the spread, we need to pay special attention to it.

You know there is HOPE. Hope it a good thing to have, in fact Tom talks about Hope before Despair in an easy to read interesting blog post! The thing most of us need to realize is that the power is in our hands. It has and it will always be the way. We create our world, we create our lives like the painter with an empty canvas we paint the picture. We have the resources to do it, either from all the experiences that we have gathered from different life times and even in this lifetime. Do what?

Do anything and ultimately to shine as we are meant to shine. To stand taller than then tallest giants, to be bigger than the biggest continent the power in us is so big and so beautiful that sometimes we can’t even imagine it.

Self – doubt is not a good sort of doubt. It belittles us, makes us afraid to do what we want to do. It clouds our judgments and it makes us act out in ways that isn’t truly us. Don’t doubt yourself!!!! (Says it with much needed gusto for myself as well) You are at the point in your life where YOU hold the key. YOU and only you can make that choice. As long as it sits right within you and in your heart, then trust it.  The heart is never evil, it is our minds and our wounded egos that we need to watch out for.

The Solar plexus points to confidence. Have confidence in yourself and in your power. We are all powerful beings, we are after all God’s children…so you know by default we are God’s little Gods and Goddesses walking, running, jumping and hobbling on this earthly plane, so believe in your inner strength and make that choice!

What do these cards tell you?

2 thoughts on “Tarot card for the week (10th September)

  1. I’ve read somewhere that if you drop cards when shuffling them, the cards are trying to get a message through – or a message is trying to get through using the cards… but I’m like you, Shree, and tend to pick them up and shuffle again!


    1. Heheh Tom, thats true…I got a little lazy to think that I had to write on FIVE cards which made me reshuffle them, but I’ve also learned that however many times we decide to ignore “jumping cards” we will inevitably end up with the same message regardless of how many times you do the reading! The cards themselves maybe different, but the messages remain. Can’t run away from our inner Higher selves 😉


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