An Announcement of Sorts…

This is a "thought bubble". It is an...
This is a “thought bubble”. It is an illustration depicting thought. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been thinking…well okay..maybe not so much thinking as a thought popping in my a bubble. A bubble that I highly doubt will pop off as quickly as it popped in.

I initially wanted this blog to be about life’s journey and so I restricted the things that I wrote here to only stuff that I felt should be shared, but in a strange way I feel that it’s not right. I shouldn’t be restricting myself should I? Not when I am trying to learn to be more true to myself. So…I’ve decided (on a whim, like most things I decide on) to also include the stories or whatever other writing stuff I do into this blog as well! The next 2 posts are stories that I put up in a separate blog which I called “Shree’s Writing Experiment”…an experiment that for the present moment is incubating…but nonetheless it’s a process…a journey unto itself – I say with valiant hope mixed with an unneeded dash of doubt!

So instead of separating it, I’m just going to add another category called “Writing”…or maybe  “The Typed Words”…

And of course another category for the artsy stuff…

I mean one never knows…maybe reading about the sky gnomes making rain might just be the answer to a problem for someone…

2 thoughts on “An Announcement of Sorts…

Awesomeness is in the sharing of thoughts :)

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