The Rainmakers.

Originally posted on my other blog on July 9th 2012

  I’ve always loved looking at clouds. During my travels, sitting by the window seat in the plane   I’d often look out at the clouds and wonder how it would be to live in them….

As the morning breeze gently lifted the curtains and let the morning light creep in, Mr Whambotlsnack snuggled deeper into his fluffy quilt, snorting a little as he continued his dream of  running around a field of candy floss with mouth wide open enjoying the sweet delight.

The shrill whistle of the morning cloud bird woke him up with a jolt and off went that delightful candy floss field, whisked away by a brand new day. Mr Whambotlsnack scratched his chin and rubbed his eyes; stretched his arms and yawned. Flicking the curtains aside he smiled a large toothy grin, for there in front of him were the clouds…painted  rosy in the  first morning light reminding him of his dream.

With all the morning business done, Mr Whambotlsnack kissed Mrs. Whambotlsnack good bye and waddled out the door onto the street waving at Mr Snipapudle and Mr Merilywhatshisname ; adjusting his knapsack till it sat comfortably against his little back.

“Wonderful morning isn’t it?” said Mr Snipapuddle as the 3 neighbours walked the few cloud feet to the stop, where the morning ride to the fields would pick the whole neighbourhood up.

“Indeed! Reminds me of candy floss!” smiled Mr. Whambotlsnack, who was famous for his love for the sweet floss. The traveling traders always brought some for him every month and the few days it lasted made Mr Whambotlsnack  the happiest little cloud gnome in whole of Fluffington.

The loud cry of their morning ride interrupted the men of Fluffington as they exchanged cheery hellos and “How’s the family” greetings. Swooping in the great eagle Sepharight made a gentle stop in front of the crowd.

“All aboard!!!” cried Mr. Wiggliesworth as Sepharight gently placed her wing as a gangplank of sorts for the cloud gnomes to get on to her back.

No sooner had the last cloud gnome settled down off went Sepharight; and even before Mr. Whambotlsnack could finish telling an indulgent and patient Mr. Merilywhatshisname about his candy floss dream she swooped down to land at “The Station”. From where the Fluffington cloud gnomes sat on top of Sepharight they could see other great eagles swooping down with cloud gnomes from different neighbourhoods.

Click image for source of picture. Artist: Cyra R. Cancel

Soon the Station was filled with laughter and sounds of cloud gnomes greeting friends and relatives as more and more of them arrived. It had a wonderful and lovely atmosphere, filled with love and friendliness as was the cloud gnomes nature.

Suddenly there was silence as one by one the Rain Angels walked into the Station.Their long robes were the exact colour of lightning and though they towered over the cloud gnomes, not one of those little gnomes had any fear. They were beautiful with long silky hair the colour of darkest blue, gentle smiles and eyes shinning with kindness.

Mr. Whambotlsnack let out a quiet sigh. He thought his Rain Angel, Araphelia was the most beautiful and kindest of them all but had to concede that it wasn’t really a fair thing to say as all the Rain Angels were just…magnificently awesome. Awesome…he said it silently to himself again. It was a new word that he had learned from the traveling traders and he really liked the word. Awesome!

Soon groups of cloud gnomes led by their Rain Angels walked onto the field and started the planting. Each cloud gnome had a little sack of precious rain seeds and with the guidance of their Rain Angels they planted them. Each seed planted into the great white field with love and care. They worked from morning to night in different shifts, singing the songs of their fore fathers which told the tales of cloud gnomes from the beginning of time. They sang about Whomypussyfoot the wise cloud gnome who in his travels met with the Rain Angel Marietta, starting a long and wonderful friendship between the cloud gnomes and Rain Angels. They sang of the beautiful rain seeds that were harvested from the great fields of Wonderlust by the Rain Angels. Their lilting voices filled the sky as they sowed the field.

By the second day the job was done and as all the other times past the cloud gnomes bid farewell to their Rain Angels and the fellow friends and relatives, stepped onto the great eagles that swiftly flew them back home to their families.


Kumar looked up at the sky and smiled. The winds brought the smell of  rain and the clouds were pregnant with the life giving gift of nature. The rumble of thunder approached and as he walked away from his freshly sowed field, the first drops of rain fell from the sky.

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