Porject Paper: How can transformation to your Authentic Self bring you to Guidance

This is a project paper that I had to do for the course I’m taking. Thought I’d share it here as well.

As usual I had to compare it to something so I took the example of an air conditioning unit…the air conditioning unit in my room to be more exact! I really need to get it cleaned – the poor thing is turned down to it’s lowest temperature but the air in my room isn’t even cool!

How Transformation to your Authentic Divine Self, can Bring you to Guidance.

If we all received guidance the way God spoke out to the people when John the Baptist baptized Jesus or when Moses was confronted with a burning bush that would be totally awesome and make our life a little less tricky. However, though it would come with it’s own set of problems, life and our journey here on this earth plane wouldn’t be what it was if that were the case. It would defeat its purpose and our purpose as souls entering this life journey to learn our lessons and to evolve.

Cover of "The Force"

While reading the book The Force by Stuart Wilde, I came across an interesting description / passage that he had written:

“It is important for you to believe what you hear and feel. Intuition is a great power; it is the Higher Self communication, showing you which way to go. ……That perception is not a voice from heaven. It is an inner communication that is moving at a vibrancy much greater than you are used to.” (Wilde 47- 48)

He goes on to say that once we are “in the flow” we are linked to everything in the cosmos and nothing is coincidence. Every situation, every thing or person we encounter, every word we hear are signs and lessons presented to us (Wilde 48). That, I think is what guidance is. It is that perception of Divine presence in all our interactions and decisions, in our daily living that is within us.

However to reach a state or point where we are able to perceive and discern guidance, we need to work. It is not something that comes to us “easy”. Of course, I do believe and even have experienced times when guidance is apparent, when there is a sense of needing to do something that I couldn’t shake off. At the time, I read it wrong as I was thinking too much and allowing my emotions to get the better of me. Ultimately I feel that I have read it right and my life has made a complete turn. From the daughter that always followed convention – went to school, got married (which ended in a divorce, but that’s besides the point…or maybe part of the changes in my life) and had the 9 to 5 job – I left my job, am working three and a half days per week as a freelance medical practitioner, doing a distance learning program exploring the spiritual and metaphysical; and exploring my creative side.

To perceive guidance in our daily living and interactions we still need to work at it – by working on ourselves. It’s like an air conditioning unit. Brand new we are born into this world much like a new air – conditioning unit. The air is cool and fresh, it doesn’t use much power and we don’t need to turn the temperature too much to achieve that perfect coolness we desire. However, over time due to our life experiences, our programming during our childhood with the negative emotions that we carry with us and the split in our ego that we inevitably experience we get blocked. Like the dust that builds up in the air conditioning unit, we get blocked and burdened by our “split selves” or the wounded ego that Debbie Ford talks about. Pushed and pulled by the tide of everyday living, expectations and disillusionments of ourselves we in a way carry all this “muck” in us. If it were the air-conditioning unit, this is when the air isn’t so cool anymore. We try to reduce the temperature as low as it can go but the air isn’t cold enough. That’s us. We are so busy making sure that we portray the persona that we believe is us and / or we are so busy hiding our true selves from everyone; including ourselves we just can’t perceive anything anymore. With all this white noise / obstruction, how then can we find the stillness and quiet that we need to perceive guidance.

Now, if we work at getting back to our authentic self, then we remove all the stuff that obstructs us from connecting to our true self. Just like the air- conditioning unit that’s been clogged with all the dust and other build up. Once it has been cleaned the air becomes cooler again as it flows easily out. So when we work at facing ourselves – our past, our mistakes, the masks we wear, our wounded ego – and when we acknowledge and accept ourselves and our duality as a whole, when we are able to forgive ourselves and those who hurt us, when we are able to look at our lives as a total journey where each and every situation in our life was a lesson for us to evolve, then we clear the path to our authentic self, to our heart, to the fact that we are part of the Divine and therefore we are all connected; which ultimately allows us to flow with life as how we are supposed to. When we are free, when we remember who we are, only then can we sit in silent curiosity, with an openness that is based on humility and through that the guidance that will permeate all the facets of our life.

It’s not easy. It takes commitment I think. It would make us feel uncomfortable. It would require us to step out from our comfortable ruts and open up our hearts and put our guard down. It would require us to reach a certain maturity to put the knife down instead of being in this vicious unending battle with ourselves. Sometimes I feel it’s just not about reading the books because knowledge really isn’t helpful unless you apply it. Reading is the easy part, it’s the self –reflection and the actual doing which is the test of our commitment to “get back to us”. In the end though, I feel it will be worth all the effort. Not only because we will have a sense of peace and be able to perceive guidance, but ultimately we will be coming home to ourselves –  to the beings of light and love that we truly are.

As Taj Inayat is quoted, “Love has everything to do with guidance” (Borysenko, Dveirin 205). Only when we are free to go back to our hearts and to love, can we then truly say that we have arrived.

1. Wilde, Stuart. The Force. 1984. Carlsbad, California: Hay House Inc., 2006. Print.

2. Borynsenko, Joan and Dveirin, Gordon. Your Soul’s Compass, What Is Spiritual Guidance? Carlsbad, California: Hay House Inc., 2007. Print.


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