The New World

The beginning of a new world

I drew this a few weeks ago and came up with the story below.

The creature, Boshrustochop was supposed to have been a horse but ..ahem..wasn’t too sure how to draw a horse, so he ended up being what he is 😉 His fur is the combination of colours that you would notice in the sky through out a day – from the black of night to the rosy dawn to the purples of dusk.

Hope you enjoy the story!

Boshrustochop lifted his head smelling the stale air. Ears standing at attention as they tried to pick up any sound in the stillness. Shaking his head, he continued laying down. Eyes gently shut as he waited.

Boshrustochop, the name was given to him by the beings of Ocean Light when he was born from the newly formed sky. As he gently snoozed in the vast gray plains of this new world his mind gently drifted off to the beginning. His beginning. This new world’s beginning. He remembered running and playing in the star fields way up high above the pale pink sky, the star light reflecting the colours of his multicoloured fur coat. He remembered the beings of Star Light – the laughter, the love and the gentleness of these beings that he considered his family and friends. Taking care of all his needs, lovingly watching him as he grew into young adulthood; teaching him all the things that he needed to learn before he…Boshrustochop frowned. Before he what? He couldn’t remember. He seemed to remember everything else before and after, but not what it was that he had to do. It was frustrating.

Boshrustochop opened his eyes again, lifted his head and looked around. He couldn’t remember exactly how long he had been down here on the ground. Sighing loudly he settled back down again. If he was being honest to himself, even the “before” he remembered seemed more like a vague dream than an actual memory. He opened an eye surveying his surrounding. There was nothing. Just the pale pink sky above him and the gray ground below. He’d walked and walked (how long he couldn’t tell) for something in him kept urging him to walk. Nothing changed. There was nothing different from one point to the next, but on he’d walk, his hooves marking where they had been. Walking, resting and…waiting. He knew he was waiting for something to happen, but no idea what it was.

Suddenly his eyes flew open. His ears trained to a sound coming from behind him. His heart beat a little faster with an unexplainable sense of happiness and excitement. Jumping up he turned around and there in the grayness stood a beautiful ornate mirror. Extending his neck a little he sniffed the air. It smelled different. Vague memories of sweetness and saltiness permeated his mind, “It smells sweet and salty!” he thought. “How strange”. You see all through that time he was wondering around this blank canvas of a world, he never actually needed to eat or drink. There was no reason for him to know what taste was like or even smell. It had been a terribly bland sort of existence for Boshrustochop – or so he thought, though most times he had to disagree with himself as he didn’t seem to know any other sort of existence, unless the dreams that he had were actual memories.

He moved a little closer to the mirror and sat his behind down. The smell wafting from the mirror was definitely more sweet than salty; and he felt the first stirrings of a…breeze. The air moved around the mirror and extended their dance out, expanding reaching a very excited Boshrustochop who watched in awe as he saw the hair on his mane dance with the moving air; expanding out even further till he felt the air moving all around.

Then a faint singing voice drifted out from the mirror. If Boshrustochop had a tail it would have been wagging 10 miles a minute – he couldn’t explain it, he didn’t even want to think about it, all he knew was that his heart was singing with pure joy hearing the voice from the other side of the mirror. He suddenly realized that this is what he had been waiting for all this time. This and something even more!

The voice grew louder each passing moment and the singing clearer. Such a beautiful and melodious voice, he thought. Oh…I seem to remember the voice…how is that possible?
Not long after he saw a vague image of a being swimming towards him. As it grew closer so did the voice grow louder and his heart expand full of warmth. He smiled. He felt tears flowing down his muzzle. He knew. He remembered. The Star beings, the Ocean beings…Adriatta, the Princess of Candlestia – his friend, his sister, his guardian from the deep oceans…and he remembered why he was here.

Through the portal entry Adriatta smiled serenely at Boshrustochop. He stood up, walked a little closer, bowed to the princess and sat down again. “My sweet Boshrustochop, how we have missed you! You have done well, ploughing the land as we you walked around this world, getting it ready for the seeds of life” she sang to him. Boshrustochop extended his neck and through the portal Adriatta reached out to him and touched him gently and lovingly, filling him with love and light.

“ As I pass the seeds of life – air, water, fire and earth, to this new world, may light, life force and love of all the beings of Light flow. May the earth fill with abundance, may the sky sing with wisdom and may the creatures that roam this world be filled with love”

With that, Adriatta stretched out her hand and within a tiny dew drop that held the future of this new world, she let it drop onto the ground. Within seconds the gray plains transformed in a vast green field, trees and mountains sprang up from the earth, the sky formed clouds and the wind continued to dance to this new world’s tune.

“As this new world grows may you be their guardian Boshrustochop. Ascend up into the sky and guard this world and all those that live within it”

With a nod and another bow, Boshrustochop stood up and ascended into the sky.
The portal closed just as the new dawn coloured the sky with it’s blues and pinks.
Boshrustoshop is still guarding the world as he travels the sky with his coat of colours reflecting the changing skies during the day and night, and he will always be there…

[Boshrustochop my sister’s idea of combining our dogs’ names – in memory of Bobby, Shorty (yea..he was the shorter version of Bobby), Rusty, Toto and Porkchop]

3 thoughts on “The New World

  1. This was a really cool story. Boshrustochop is also an interesting character, I love his unique name. Anyway, I have a few odd questions regarding the scene where he cried:

    1. How would Boshrustochop react and what would he say to me if I gave him a big hug and licked those tears flowing down his muzzle with my tongue? Because every time I read this, I fantasize licking Boshrustochop’s tears from his muzzle to comfort him.

    2. When Boshrustochop was crying, were his tears specifically flowing:
    A: Down the bridge of his muzzle and collecting at the end of his nose
    B: Diagonally down the side of his muzzle, past his lips and onto his jaw

    3. Dumb question but if I licked Boshrustochop’s tears as they flowed down his muzzle, how salty would they taste on my tongue?


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