Inner Martial Arts Meditation (IMAM): My interpretation


Inner Martial Arts Meditation is a 4 lesson course that teaches us the basic of our life force or Chi, how to perceive the Chi or energies that surround us and also gives the participant a set of mantras to practice daily.

It’s held at the Violet Flame and conducted by an Ishaya monk, Ishtar.

You know for someone that used to think that she didn’t have what it takes to be sensitive enough to perceive something so subtle like the energy flow, I was surprised (and delighted) when I could – feel something.

IMAM though is more than just feeling energy. The idea of calling it an inner martial arts is because if you were to read about martial arts you would realize that a lot of it had to do with discipline, being focused and aware. It’s being in the NOW.

English: Chakra picture produced by AuraStar20...

The set of mantras that Ishtar teaches his students is a form of meditation. It can be done even while driving (just don’t close your eyes!) or when you are meditating in your room. The idea is to bring back the attention and the focus to ourselves and our chakras – the energy points in our body. Ideally it should be done all the time – so if you can imagine yourself saying the mantras (silently) all or most of the time and focusing on the chakras as you say the mantras, that really won’t give us time or space to think of the 1001 things that are usually cluttering our mind and we would actually start to talk less (Which is something that isn’t a bad thing, as Stuart Wilde mentions in his book, Silent Power – “You stop being a genius when you open your mouth” 😉 )

He also teaches you certain moves, much like Tai Chi. While doing these exercises we are told to say the mantras (always silently) while focusing on the chakras that each mantra is associated with. As one practices these moves together with the mantras they would start feeling the energy flowing. It’s really kind of beautiful to see the moves being done…much like a dance.

So, anyways I’d like to share with you my interpretation of the 6 basic mantras that make up part of a whole series of other mantras that is taught in the advanced classes.

I don’t know if I’m able to actually put the mantra down but some of the essentials are:

1. Aum is the Universal sound. It’s Sanskrit in origin and each of the mantras starts with the sound “Aum” except for the 5th. It’s the second word in the mantra.

2. Each mantra is associated with either one or 2 of the 7 chakras. There are more but these are the 6 basic mantras that are taught in the basic classes.

3. Each of the mantra is proceeded with a phrase and the pictures sort of capture that 🙂

If you are in Malaysia and are interested in knowing more about Ishtar and IMAM, just click here.


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2 thoughts on “Inner Martial Arts Meditation (IMAM): My interpretation

  1. I like the sound of this Shree, an Inner Martial Artist would suit me down to the ground! At times I feel as though I need to be more focused, so I’ll see if I can find further details about this over here in the UK!
    I’ve enjoyed watching your sideshow, by the way!


    1. Thanks Tom! I hope you find someone that teaches IMAM. If you can’t find that specifically might help to look for Ishaya monks in the UK. I’m sure there must be a few.


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