Mindful Wishing

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To manifest something is just like having a wish being granted by your fairy godmother. The only thing is that there really is no fairy godmother. Sorry to burst the bubble, but the wish that came true for you…that was your own doing. It’s a thought that is all at once awesome and scary as well.

Last Sunday, the Mandala workshop focused on manifesting our dreams. Cheryl talked to us a little about manifestation, which I thought were really good lessons and things that we need to remember when we manifest in our life.

1. Always be mindful (aware) of the origin of your manifestation.

Do you manifest from a place of fear? Or do you manifest from a place of peace? Is it something that sits well with your heart or is it from the solar plexus signifying fear, lack of confidence and / or power?

2. The earth’s energy is vibrating at a much faster rate now. If you haven’t noticed, observe how your daily life and those around you tend to reflect its consequences at a faster rate than before. So, when you are manifesting always be mindful that you will get what you wished for, even if you aren’t ready for it.

3. Make sure you are ready for whatever you manifest. It’s always a good idea to remember that what we want may not be what we need, so before stating what you want from the Universe be truthful to yourself. (The examples that Cheryl gave were of people who win the lottery and for some reason either squander the money away or get into more debt with unrestrained spending or even worse…taking their own life)
4. When you want to manifest something, always ask why. And ..keep asking why till you get right down to the core of that want.


A participant in the Mandala class related how he wished / manifested a new car. He didn’t mention why he wanted a new car, just that he did. Well…he met with a terrible accident, the car he *did* have was a total write off but thankfully he managed to escape with no injury. He got the new car….

I had been wishing for a new phone. A simpler phone because having a “smart phone with touch screen” was driving me bonkers (I have stubby fingers). Well…I lost my phone. It was a strange way to lose it because it just disappeared. I had either dropped it while walking to the shops or someone stole it while I put it down some where accidentally. I got the new phone…

So remember…”be careful what you wish for”…isn’t just a cliche.


If you are interested I did this post on Manifestation based on an Anne Jones’ workshop

I’m calling this piece Manifestation: From the nothingness (the black) we all do have the power to manifest in our life and we do it every day. We just don’t realize it. Every thought, every action, every choice – we manifest what is in our lives. We manifest the lessons that our soul wants and needs to learn, and we manifest the positives and negatives that we hold within us. The choice is ours.

Manifestation – Coloured pencils

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