The Light Within

“gold fish” with a bird and a candle..swimming in the murky waters of life we sometimes find ourselves in…but within each of us we carry a light and we need to always remember that we are delightful, colourful beings – Oil pastels

When life turns gray,
Obscuring our view,
Like a thick fog bringing with it a sense of foreboding,
Always remember my dear
That you carry within you the light of life
And the power to spread your wings,
To take flight like a bird in the sky.
Look inside and see the candle of your soul
Illuminating your being,
A beautiful, colourful rainbow
Look through the eyes of the light within you
See the light of life around you
And when you do you will find
That the murky gray waters of life
Is nothing more than wisps of gray smoke
So easily blown away by your inner beauty.

2 thoughts on “The Light Within

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