“The Ancient”

Sage from SageDoyle had invited submissions of ideas , themes or artwork so that he could put “pen to paper” and create poems. So….I submitted an artwork of mine, the wise old tree and that above there is the awesome poem he came up with 😀


The following illustration was created by Shree at https://heartsongsblog.wordpress.com/

Shree requested that I write a poem based on the image, which was a fun endeavor.  Thanks Shree!

He stands amidst the younger growth a wise and agéd arborous bloke on the hillside in a realm few can see resides the elder of all the trees He is both the Green Man and the Tree of Life he is a garden amidst all the strife where one may sit or quietly pause or reflect upon a worldly cause His roots reach down into the earth enwrapping the core, a burning hearth his branches extend beyond the veil where our vision strains to no avail We may use his shade to read a book and never recognize, but overlook the ancient soul we rest beside a guardian spirit, a spirit guide Perhaps it isn't this one famed oak with foliage a vibrant…

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6 thoughts on ““The Ancient”

    1. Thank you for dropping by and for leaving such a wonderful comment 🙂 Once in a while I catch a glimpse of how life’s twists takes us down beautiful paths…meeting new and different people…and this is one of them..so thank you!


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