Chakra Series (2): Sacral Chakra

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The truest expression of a people is in its dance and in its music.  Bodies never lie.  ~Agnes de Mille

The Sacral Chakra

Spleen Chakra
Colour Association Orange
Sanskit Name Svadisthana
Location Below navel, lower abdomen
Lesson Feelings—The right to feel. Connected to our sensing abilities and issues related to feelings. Ability to be social and intimacy issues.
Imbalances Eating disorders. Alcohol and drug abuse. Depression. Low back pain. Asthma or allergies. Candida & yeast infections. Urinary problems. Sensuality issues as well as impotency and frigidity.
Spleen Stimulants Hot aromatic baths, water aerobics, massage.Embracing sensation (such as different food tastes). Orange food & drink. Orange gemstones and orange clothing. Using orange oils such as melissa or orange essential oils.

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Unlike the other chakras, I’m not as familiar with the Sacral chakra. What I do know is that it relates to the creativity in us, the inner Goddess within – the one who creates. According to the John Holland guidebook for The Psychic Tarot cards, the sacral chakra signifies the “I want”; and it relates to creativity, emotions, desires and sexuality. The High Priestess card from classical Tarot card decks is connected to the sacral chakra.

The major arcana card from a tarot deck which can or may be related to the Sacral Chakra are:

The High Priestess

The Hermit

The Tower

Please note that the above tarot card illustrations are from Fiona Beck’s blog. She has linked the artists of these cards in her posts. The links attached to the names of the cards will take you to the relevant card posts so that you can learn more about them. Thanks! 🙂

Sacral chakra: Original
Sacral chakra: Original
Sacral Chakra: Edited using the Photobucket photo editing thingy

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