Heart Songs

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The voice of our Souls and even of God, I believe is not loud and obvious. It’s usually soft and it subtle. It pulls at our heart and soul. But in this busy busy world where we all are racing to beat time , when most of us have buried ourselves with layers and layers of expectations and fears and perceptions and “norms”, rarely do we hear or feel the call of our Soul.

When was the last time you stood for 5 minutes to admire the sky during dawn. When the sky is coloured with a gently blue and sweet pink. When the sun yawns a good morning to us.

There are times when our Soul and Life gets a little worried about our incapacity to listen or feel our true self . That is when the subtle turns into something like a brick wall slamming down on us! It’s when your body feels ill at ease, when your heart flutters with confusion and a little panic. When we become restless because there is “SOMETHING that I SHOULD be doing!!”; but we don’t know *what* it is!

Maybe that is when we need to stand still for 5 minutes and to look at / listen to / feel something beautiful – art, music, a satin cloth, a tree, a flower, the sky, the rain….and try to be still. Maybe then the answer will come as our Soul sings her song.

2 thoughts on “Heart Songs

    1. Thanks Tom! And yea..I’ sure it must have been an amazing sight. I love to look at the sky especially when it’s slightly cooler than usual…for some reason that makes it seem a lot nicer!


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