The immensity of the Divine

Quote from "One River Many Wells" by Mathew Fox
Quote from “One River Many Wells” by Mathew Fox

No matter what we call it – the Divine, Source, God, the Ultimate, and no matter whether we believe in the presence of the Divine or only in Science and what it can proof that immense power that emanates from the very thought of how vast our Universe is…from the tiniest virus to the massive galaxies, from the invisible air that we breathe to the deepest and darkest corners of the oceans…I honestly believe our fragile human minds are yet to begin to fathom its greatness.

2 thoughts on “The immensity of the Divine

  1. Shree, I think that what we think we know is microscopic compared to what we have yet to know. And I know that what I know is microscopic compared to what I could know myself… if I allowed myself to learn! 😀


    1. True Tom. You know that was this quote that someone quoted to us during a statistic class I had attended and this is how it sorta goes: The more we learn the more we realize how much we don’t know….I don’t even think I could even begin to think of how great and vast this whole Universe is…


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