Chakra Series (4) : The Heart Chakra

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

The Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra
Colour Association Green
Sanskit Name Anahata
Location Center of chest
Lesson Relationships–The right to love. Love, forgiveness, compassion. Ability to have self-control. Acceptance of oneself.
Imbalances Heart and breathing disorders. Heart and breast cancer. Chest pain. High blood pressure. Passivity. Immune system problems. Muscular tension.
Heart Stimulants Nature walks, time spent with family or friends. Green food & drink. Green gemstones and green clothing. Using green oils such as eucalyptus or pine essential oils.

The table is from this site.

Though the Solar Plexus is considered the “power house” of the chakras for me the Heart Chakra is the one that holds the key to pretty much everything. It’s the place that the Divine resides, it’s where we hold the light within us, it’s where we cultivate the love for ourselves and from that towards others.

My sister once told me that the heart is always innocent. It knows no wrong and wants no evil. It’s our minds and the way we allow the external forces to push us around that causes us to most times make decisions or choices that don’t serve our highest good.

To me opening up the Heart Chakra and bringing it to balance is so important. Of course balance in the others is important too but for some reason the Heart is just a little above the rest. Compassion, love, respect and goodness come from the heart and only when we are able to give these to ourselves can we have the capacity to give back to others because how can we give what we do not have?

The greatest commandment that can be found in all religions and in all spiritual texts in some form or the other is to Love others as you do yourself. In this day and age most of us don’t give ourselves the chance to do that. We try loving everyone and everything else, except ourselves. By doing so we drain our energies, we feel restless, we get disappointed when relationships don’t go the way we expected them to.

Maybe the key is to be friends with ourselves. To truly learn to love us for who we are. Not to shun the “bad” side (or what some call the wounded child or ego) but to accept it as a part of us, to acknowledge it, embrace it and to give it peace. When we don’t struggle and constantly fight with our shadow then where is the battle. When we learn to respect ourselves we want to extend that courtesy to others (hopefully!), when we are compassionate to ourselves and don’t run away from our shadow self then we are able to extend the same out; and when we can love ourselves that we won’t need to look for someone outside to love us. Instead we can attract those that love themselves too and because of that extend their love to us. We avoid the disappointments of expecting the others to love us the way we want to them to love us. We will find that there is no reason to lay claim over another person. There will be no reason to say “You’re mine!”. We shouldn’t be another person’s thing…shouldn’t we just be ourselves for ourselves and for others?

One of my goals this year is to keep trying to get back to my heart. To become my best friend. To learn to go into my heart and be still. It’s a long process for me and there are times I feel like I take one step then slip back five! I’ll keep trying though.

The major arcana cards from tarot decks that can or may be related to the Heart Chakra are:

The Emperor


The Moon

Please note that all the tarot card illustrations have been taken from Fiona Beck’s blog and the names of the cards link to the relevant card posts. Thanks!

Heart Chakra: Original
Heart Chakra (1): Edited using the Photobucket photo editing thingie

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    1. Hi Sammi,
      The idea of tarot cards (the Major Arcana cards) being associated with the chakras came from a friend / teacher of mine. She’s a tarot card practitioner and she teaches classes too. I heard that from her so thought I’d incorporate it in these blog posts! 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and commenting too! 🙂


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