Illustration Friday‘s theme for the week of January 25th was “Wings”. This is my submission:

Original art: Wings

Now a little rant that I just want to get out there. Photobucket had an awesome photo editor which it introduced a few months ago and….they just completely destroyed it by replacing it with a “new and improved” version of the editor! Why do these web site *do* that!? Instead of the numerous options available for users of the site to play around with, this “improved” version has gone back to becoming a plain old photo editor with just the usual options that you can find in most any photo editing site 😦 How can they say that it’s an improved version when the original was better?!? I mean seriously! If WordPress does something stupid like this I’m going to cry!! *sob*

6 thoughts on “Wings

  1. Nice mask, Shree! 😀
    I had a look at Photobucket the other day and saw the options were limited… I was going to ask you but you’ve already answered my questions! Well, such is progress as they say… 😦


    1. Sigh..I know 😦 I sent them feedback basically saying the same thing…they replied, well someone named Danny replied saying they had taken their user’s wants into consideration…I’m still trying to figure that one out! I’m looking for alternative sites now.

      Thank you for liking the mask! 😀 Thought of all sorts of wings then had this picture of a mask with feathers fanning out like wings instead!


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