Chakra Series (6) : The Third Eye

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.  ~Henry David Thoreau

The Third Eye

Brow or Third Eye Chakra
Colour Association Indigo
Sanskit Name Anja
Location Forehead, in between the eyes.
Lesson Intuition–The right to “see.” Trusting one’s intuition and insights. Developing one’s psychic abilities. Self-realization. Releasing hidden and repressed negative thoughts.
Imbalances Learning disabilities, co-ordination problems, sleep disorders.
Depression Thyroid imbalances, swollen glands. Fevers and flu. Infections. Mouth, jaw, tongue, neck and shoulders problems. Hyperactivity. Hormonal disorders such as PMS, mood swings, bloating and menopause.
Brow Stimulants Star gazing. Mediation Indigo food & drink. Indigo gemstones and indigo clothing. Using indigo oils such as patchouli or frankincense essential oils.

The table is from this site

The Third Eye…to me it is the gateway to our intuition. It’s the eye that is “all seeing”. That part of us that “just knows” something. However, just like the Throat chakra, it is also about knowing the truth. Our truths and how much we allow ourselves to see it, to serve our highest good.

Some say that the Third Eye shows you things when you imagine. That’s how I “see” things, well one of the ways. The other is this sense of knowing, or feeling in my chest area. I love meditating and letting my third eye open because I see such beautiful lands and lights, and sometimes even hear the laughter of delight when it takes me home……

I’m not really sure how to develop the Third Eye chakra, but there are meditation CDs that help you do that. I have one which uses “singing bowls” and it’s amazing when you feel the vibrations of these bowls going straight to the chakra points!! Maybe like this blog post by Karen Kubicko suggests, it is trusting what we are given?

The major arcana cards from the tarot deck that can or may be related to the Third Eye Chakra are:

The Lovers

Death / Transfiguration


Please note that the card illustrations are from Fiona Beck’s blog and as usual the names of the cards have been linked back to the card posts. Thanks! 🙂

Third Eye Chakra: Original Art
Third Eye Chakra: Edited with Photobucket Photo Editor….which they have totally destroyed with their “new and improved” editor.. 😦

6 thoughts on “Chakra Series (6) : The Third Eye

  1. Shree ~ Thank you for linking my blog post here on trusting what we receive, you are soo sweet!!!
    I definitely agree. Trust is the most important thing you can do when using your intuition (third eye). Once you realize all the chatter in your brain is really messages that are trying their hardest to come through to you, then the chatter stops. It becomes quieter. Still. The messages that then are paid attention to, are meaningful. Even the song from the radio that pops into your mind … the words are meant to be a message.


    1. Dear Karen, thank you for dropping by and commenting..and you’re most welcome for the back link. You know I read your comment some time ago but didn’t get back to replying comments till tonight and it’s amazing at how much what you said means so much to me right now. For some reason it just sent a little “bing” off in my mind. That to realize that all the chatter are messages that are trying to get through and that I need to pay attention to them. All of it. Pay attention but to also learn to discern which are the ones that will help me to reach my highest good and which are the ones that I need to use to realize issues or fears that I may need to deal with!!


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