Illustration Friday‘s theme for the week of February 8th 2013 is Storm.

Storm: Oil pastels

Sometimes we don’t realize that the truth of a situation is only as bad as we make it. Our minds are so powerful that it makes us blind to the truth of a situation. Sometimes it is good to wipe away the tears, open our eyes, relax the frowns and take a step back to see the gentle rain, instead of the storm we think we are in.

If we believe that God is within us and we shine with Divine light, then be comforted to know that however bad the situation seems, we have the strength and the grace to see ourselves through it.

6 thoughts on “Storm

    1. Thank you for dropping by and commenting 🙂
      I really like the quote and it is so true!! I read in a book by Stuart Wilde who said that it is the imprint of the energies in our life time that follow us when we pass on…and that makes it “heaven” or “hell”….but if you look at it energetically there is no bad or’s just energies..and we as souls review our lessons and see what it is that we wish to relearn or learn in our next life!


      1. And we don’t even have to wait to pass on to benefit from empowering thoughts . . . or choose to be overwhelmed by disempowering beliefs.

        When we let go of fear, doubt, guilt, and other “negative” emotions . . . we soar.
        When we hang on to them . . . we stumble.


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