Diary of a Psychic: Shattering the Myths

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“By opening up her private journals, psychic revolutionary Sonia Choquette leads us out of the dark ages and into the 21st century. Shattering the soul-deadening myth that being psychic is weird, sinister, or at best reserved for the special or strange, Sonia lends proof to the truth that the sixth sense is our natural God-given inner compass – without it, we’ll lose our way.”

And the excerpt on the back cover continues ending with :

“In the Diary of a Psychic Sonia invites others to use her as an example on how to move past the fear of being psychic and start reaping the rewards today. In sharing her story and her gifts, Sonia hopes you will remember and reclaim your own”

Let me first state the obvious that this is an autobiography of Sonia..who is a psychic, who knew she was one at a very young age, who was exposed to her mother’s psychic abilities at a very young age too and lived in a family environment where spirit guides, angels and passed on relatives were the “norm” – even though most of her other siblings didn’t really know what to do about or how to respond to the psychic-ness of their mother.

For a long time I’ve believed that we all are born with our psychic ability intact. Fragile, but intact. What I mean by psychic ability is what we also call the sixth sense and the ability to communicate with light beings. However, we lose that as we grow older only because our environment and our society (immediate and the wider circle) don’t encourage it for us to even retain it. Some of us do still tap into in when we have certain gut feelings about something or when we have this deep sense of knowing something.

Whether the book actually shatters the myths of psychic abilities….I don’t think it does. Though I thoroughly enjoyed Sonia’s way of telling her story, I feel that some might find that the gift of psychic ability (and connecting with our Spirit guides and angels) actually does belong to a special few and not to all, as hoped. The reason I say that is because I honestly feel that very few of us have had similar experiences as she had. To be fair though. we can’t really expect too much either because we all have our own unique journey to live, and our lives can never be the same as it is with another person’s, similar maybe, but never the same, only because we are who we are, unique individuals in mind, body and emotions.

One thing I did appreciate about her story was, Sonia didn’t make herself out to be the perfect person. She is honest about herself and her thoughts during different times in her life. She is honest enough to state that she liked being needed, she liked the feeling of importance,how she used her gifts to help her out from some situations,and how she had to learn her lessons about not letting the ego get in the way.

She also practiced. A lot. It shows that even if you do have any natural gifts, it’s not going to develop if you push it away or let dust bunnies accumulate around it. Practice is always the key.

Through her story, she also tries to share some of the things that she learned from her teachers. For example you can learn from one of her teachers, Charlie that if you are serious about developing your gift then you have to be serious about it. You need to show up and you need to put your very best effort into it, how to discern between lower entity energies and higher energies and; the importance of prioritizing and organizing yourself.

On being punctual or disciplined, “Spirit guides don’t care. If they bother to gather enough energy to come through our plane of consciousness and we’re not there, or not prepared, they’ll decide that we’re not serious and leave. And then lower entities will come in their place.”

This is true for any thing that we want to do. If we are not prepared and not serious about it, Life / Universe will know it and we won’t do well, because our heart is not in it 100%.

She shares another interesting tidbit learned from Charlie. This one is about how the “Our Father” actually helps with the “tune up” of our energy centers / Chakra’s. She doesn’t tell you how to do it, only what it means. She also tells us the difference between karma (our life lessons that we as souls have chosen to learn) and purpose (the gifts that we have developed through our many life times and want to share with others) by giving us examples from some of her clients and also herself.

Though it is an autobiography and most of what is in the book is obviously about her life and journey, there are interesting things that might resonate with you, regardless of whether you are trying to tune into your psychic ability or, going after your dreams, or wanting to figure out if you are on the right path. As Sonia says, sometimes we blind ourselves to the most obvious not because we can’t see, but because we are afraid to or we don’t want to see it.

The main things that I got from Sonia’s story are that we need to learn how to trust our feelings, to listen to our heart and to believe in our gifts. This can apply to any aspect of our lives. Knowing in our hearts that the path we are taking is bringing us to our fullest potential.

I’ve noticed that most of the books that I have read usually gives you the knowledge but not the know how, and being an autobiography don’t expect much “how to” steps to even get started on tuning in to your guides or angels. I have another book of hers called “Soul Lessons Soul Purpose” and it seems more like a “how to” book, with suggestions and exercises to practice.


4 stars: I honestly do like her style of writing. It’s simple, it’s friendly, it’s honest and it’s interesting. It’s an interesting read for those who might wonder what it was like to grow up as a psychic and I consider this a “light reading” as it really is a just a story albeit with some jewels of wisdom in it

10 thoughts on “Diary of a Psychic: Shattering the Myths

  1. Sounds like an interesting read, Shree. Although I’ve heard of Sonia, I’ve not heard anything about her or read anything by her. It’s strange how sometimes people are just in the background, so to speak…


  2. Thanks for your run down on the book, Shree. In my personal experience, becoming psychic or what we refer to as psychic, is a matter of attuning 🙂


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