Balancing the Chakras with the Lord’s Prayer

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In her book, The Diary of a Psychic by Sonia Choquette, she shares with the reader some of the lessons that she learned from her teacher, Charlie. One of the lessons or tips that he imparts to her is that the Lord’s Prayer can be used as a way to tune the seven main chakras or energy centers with in a person.

She shares the about, but not the how.

I found it really interesting and am planning to use it as well. So I thought I’d just do a little how – to post on it 🙂

The prayer and chakra relation:

These are the Chakras
These are the Chakras

Our Father who art in Heaven = Opens the chakras

Hallowed be Thy Name = Balances the 7th chakra  (the crown area, that would be the top of our heads)

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done = Balances the 3rd chakra ( the solar plexus, just below the sternum)

On Earth as it is in Heaven = Balances the 2nd chakra (the area between the base of the spine and below your navel, around the pelvic area)

Give us this day our daily bread = Balances the 1st chakra (the base of the spine, where the tail bone is)

And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us = Balances the 4th chakra (this is the heart chakra, at the center of the chest, where you would naturally put your hand when talking about the heart)

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil

For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory = Balances the 6th chakra ( the third eye, the point about 2 centimeters above the bulge between your eyebrows)

Forever, and ever Amen = Balances the 5th Chakra ( throat chakra, at your throat)

How to:

How I’d suggest to do this is to “bring your awareness” to each of the chakras as you say the lines of the prayer. Bringing awareness to me means that you bring your thoughts to a particular area where the chakra’s are situated. For example, if I am thinking about the throat chakra, I’d concentrate on my throat. I’d feel my throat.

It’s like when you have a sore throat, with the help of your nerve endings, you can feel the pain in your throat. You are brought to become aware of your throat. In this case, you need to do this without the help of a sore throat 😉

Another way is to imagine a blue light in my throat area, and concentrate on that. It does take a bit of imagination as well to do this.

If you aren’t the visual type then one way would be to state in your mind clearly, “I focus on my throat chakra”. So you’d go: “Forever, and ever Amen, as I bring my awareness to my throat chakra”.

As I am typing this, I have yet to try it. I am planning to once in the morning when I wake up and another time before going to bed; and also when I meditate. I’ll probably update this post after trying it out as this one is being scheduled end of the month…..if you are reading this might mean I haven’t been good about trying it out OR I have completely forgotten that I needed to update this!!

On a separate note, I do realize that the Lord’s Prayer is considered a Christian prayer, however the words are general as it is a prayer to God. I’ve even read a total different interpretation of this prayer which includes not only God as the masculine but also His feminine energies of creativity and nature! Though I do not ever approve of forcing anything down a person’s throat (hmm…what’s with me, the throat and this post??) , if you are inclined to try it out please do! I mean…the Lord’s Prayer with the chakras..that’s already an amalgamation of two different traditions 😉

20 thoughts on “Balancing the Chakras with the Lord’s Prayer

  1. I can understand The Lords Prayer helping to balance the inner self. Shree, the mantra learned as a child, the steadying influence of knowing the words and understanding them too, makes the difference.. I will try this out … In fact as soon as I finish this comment… Have a peaceful and fulfilling Sunday my friend. xPenx.


        1. Oh thanks Pen! I must really get to it too! Like Tom said it might take a little bit of remembering which line does what…but I’m so glad you found it a good experience 🙂


  2. This specific explanation is wrong (about which sentence lines up with which chakra). I’m Greek, and I can also read the original ancient Greek version (before all translations to English took place). The prayer lights up all 7 chakras from TOP to BOTTOM. It’s not out of sequence as this author explains it. For example, when the prayer says “Give us this day our daily bread”, which is about the Solar Plexus chakra, which is the life force chakra (without food/bread, we die).


    1. Hello Eugenia. Thank you for your comment.
      I’m will not say that way is wrong or that what you pointed out is only right way. I have checked on the internet and it seems there are different versions / interpretations of how to co-relate the individual chakras to the sentences in the prayer 🙂
      It’s just that I have realised during this journey that there are times when there are different interpretations of certain things but the ideals are always similar…even to an extent the same. There is no only one way…I don’t think.
      Even if there are slight differences, the ideal is that the Lord’s Prayer can be used to realign the chakras and that for me is the underlying message. The unification of a Christian prayer and an ancient Hindu wisdom.

      For example, the example you quoted to me works in this version because the Base chakra is the centre that connects us to the Earth – our security, our needs on this Earth plane…like food, water, so the line Give us today our daily bread could fit the base chakra.

      However, thank you for taking the time to share with me and those who read about it. At least we are now aware there are more interpretations of this 🙂

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  3. Hello! I was looking for a good picture of the Chakras that I could print out when I found your blog!
    Just wanted to say a “hello” and tell you i love your post! I use the Lord’s Prayer every morning BUT have not used it in direct connection with my chakras. I will now! 🙂 TY!


  4. I’m soo happy I found this unique blog I was just on a psychic line to cleanse my aura and chakra and they suggested I read the lords prayer as my Dad passed 3/6/13 one month away from his 70 th bd to the exact day. I am a reiki healer and did not know the lords prater cleanses your chakra its by chance I found this site and truly feel blessed and calmer now. Dad took me to Easter Sunday’s, ( i was born on Easter Sunday in 1972! ) Mass, Church and CCD thus taught me many prayers… etc. Now he is my guardian angel. I miss him but feel comfort rejoicing as he will prosper alongside my mortal body and soul. He’d rather me be happy as I rejoice in the name of God and Jesus! Amen


  5. Hi, I am at a really low point in my life and I was searching online for direction in my life and believe a power higher than myself directed me to this page, please help and direct me to a page or site that could start me on my spiritual journey and teach me about chakras in a way I can understand, as I really need spiritual help and direction, thankyou so much


  6. I was searching for the Lord’s Prayer tonight to familiarise and start daily prayers for my sister who has started her battle with breast cancer. This blog a bonus coz I know she’d benefit from prayer with chakra alignment. Always a reason for everything we do. Thank you. Helen


  7. so much honesty, sincerity, beauty, seeking and debating knowledge and wisdom in all the posts; just being in the entire communication string is awesome. thank you. i believe in what jesus (natures virgin birth; GOD’s conscience; path to one true GOD) said when he gave us the lords prayer. he said it is all we need to help us to get where we want to go… i used the prayer once to get out of a seemingly impossible life threatening situation, everyone that could help was asleep on a subway train, and i had no other help except for repeating the prayer out loud to only myself and it worked. i am alive and for myself i know the power or that prayer. it is a life saver to those that are innocent, rehabilitate-able, and pure in good spirit. I believe our one true GOD (the source) is Nature itself; he she it is, all creation that is energy & matter one and the same. nature is conscious and aware; its spirit-soul composition is energy, conscience, and free will; father, son, and holy spirit; nature is the blessed trinity. we were cloned by fallen angels to do the work for them as a reproductive society. in the garden of eden there were not one but two pagan gods where one was hidden and the other was a snake head; together they gave us religion, that caused politics, that with money bound us in slavery to the fallen angels and spiritually we still worship them to give them energy every time we pray and say “amen” (through ignorance of caring to know what we are doing) we invoke the name of the hidden one, the deceiver, every time. in the bible we were told never to say the names of pagan gods before GOD (nature) . soooo… please take amen out of all your prayers, tell others, and help make the world a better place through a sign of faith in one true GOD that knows everything. we are all natures (gods children because of the earth itself we are created in his image; energy, conscience, and free will. our choices will make us who and what we are. what we are supposed to be, as deduced by nature; is light beings delivered from from evil (cloned; as per the 5 top religions), into a reincarnating reproductive species that served and serve as debt slaves to the illuminati; in sumaria, babylon, atlantis, egypt, peru, and in todays society at the end times. it is the only way all eternal knowledge and wisdom could be learned, earned, deserved and achieved to perfection in good, and we are almost all there as a pure energy good collective society of around 6 billion light beings that will inherit all the universes and galaxies still expanding as our playground. we are natures (GOD’s) greatest achievement; because, through us nature experiences life and it is incapable of anything other than good. nature is perfect simply because it is everything (+) positive that is good, the opposite of absolute empty (-) space. evil has no place in reality; it is weak, pathetic, and bound in mortal reincarnating matter forever. we give it our power (individually; and as a collective society); the name amen feeds evil; and money is it’s greatest tool. there are only two kinds of sin; evil intent, and willful ignorance. just my thoughts lol 🙂


  8. nature is conscious, sentient, energy, one true GOD; we are fragments of the same as natures greatest creation; nature as energy has three chakra’s; the crown, the heart, and root. nature is pure good energy, christ conscience, and free will; father, son, and holy spirit; the blessed trinity. we are all children of nature, and as such we are fragments of the same. thanks, love to share


  9. I’ve found that you can do the prayer directly from to to bottom or from bottom to top or as the author describes. I don’t think there is a wrong way to do it. Each way will give new insights and experiences of opening.


  10. I just did it and it works! I have a major sore throat right now (might have caught a bug from my housemate) and I did feel a releasing after going through the chakras. I love that it’s a blend of several spiritual wisdoms – I love Christ, as well as Buddhism and general woo. I’m an energetic healer as well and the blending of traditions like this packs a powerful punch and is also closer to the unity that Spirit and Love intend.

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  11. Thank you for this, I read recently about how the Lord’s Prayer corresponds to the chakras so had to find out which verse went with which chakra. I wrote each one out in its color and gave a copy to my mum. Namaste – I salute the divinity in you.


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