10 thoughts on “Shree wonders……

    1. Well…that could be a reason Pen, but whyyyyyyy? You know sometimes I seriously wonder if our Higher Selves are looking at us and banging their heads on a wall..LOL!


    1. I know! Actually to be honest…I do have this little imp running around in my mind that I call “Drama Queen”…it’s terrible I tell you. Loves creating all sorts of dramatic things and not good drama either!!! I really need to have a talking to with it and tell it to keep quiet! or maybe give it a potent sleeping pill …hehe


  1. I think people need to open their eyes and observe more. Life is fast-paced and we tend to overlook the little things. We don’t stop to appreciate things, ya know…


    1. Hi knixie! Yes I do know and yes that is true. So busy trying to reach the goal, the destination, the success so much so that we do overlook the simple things in life 🙂


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