The Holy Trinity

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The Holy Trinity : The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

This isn’t a theological discussion or article of the Trinity. Just a random thought that entered my mind some time ago. Read on if curious 😉

So…during my readings of various books I suddenly had this thought bubble pop into my mind one day some months ago. And it was this:

If we believe that God is within us. That we are His children. And the Holy Spirit is the blessed life force that courses our human selves, like the Chi in eastern philosophy, wouldn’t that make us all walking Holy Trinity’s?

Isn’t that such an amazing thought?

I thought so too..but I didn’t mention it to anyone in case they thought I was a little loco, UNTIL I came upon this quote from the book “The Silence of the Heart” by Paul Ferrini.

Click picture for source. Artist: javi-ure on deviantart.
Click picture for source. Artist: javi-ure on deviantart.

That’s what I call a “very chewy” thought provoking piece of information.

While looking for images of the Holy Trinity, I came across this image:

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I always said I was a “bad” Catholic 😛 See, I didn’t realize the “is not”s in the Trinity. When I looked at the image though, I did pause a few minutes because obviously I didn’t factor the “is not”s in my thought process…until I realized that for me it is true.

The Father, the Son and the Spirit are neither the same nor separate. They are one. They represent the Divine within us and from where we come from. We are not the parts of us but the sum of all the different aspects of us. And ultimately we all come from the one Source that we give different names to.

I’ve tried seeing people as beautiful light beings…pure energy of love that we all are. However, I have to honestly say I’m still trying. Being confined in this human self with a constantly chattering ego isn’t helping! 😛

I guess in the end…it is up to us to make the choice : Do we strive to be walking Holy Trinity’s (not to be mistaken for being a holier than thou self righteous person!) or do we succumb to just surviving this life time.

4 thoughts on “The Holy Trinity

  1. I do like your thoughts Shree, and I can see this is a very ‘chewy’ one… There are so many religions and all are based on your belief in them., and when it comes down to the rock bottom basis, the true foundation, … well, ’tis belief in a higher being, belief in yourself, and belief that you will ‘go on’ to a better afterlife if you toe the party line… be a good Christian, Buddhist etc,.,. My personal belief… is “do unto others as you would have done to you”… and if you hold to that maxim …seems to me that half the worlds problems are wiped out in one stroke … In this way, the Holy Trinity becomes God is the good, the Spirit is yourself and the Son shows the way forward… Have a great Wednesday my friend. xPenx


    1. Lovely reply Pen 🙂 So true! To do unto others what we would want them to do to us! The thing is though sometimes we don’t even treat ourselves right! Like Binky commented..and a friend of mine said…its goodness. As long as there is goodness in what we do…we would truly be alright ..hmm..all right? well whichever is the correct one..hehehe


  2. Interesting thoughts. I don’t pretend to have any answers. But I think if we all strived to be better people, we would at least contribute to a better existence and a better world.


    1. And that is all there is to do actually 🙂 It’s hard at times because we go through so much of emotional stuff and there is fear in most all of us, fear that manifests in many ways because of our wounded ego.


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