Why yes, I’m still here…

TA DA! The prodigal blogger is back! Not too sure for how long *this* time, but for the moment she’s decided to post another blog post. She’s terrified to even look at the date of her last posting, so we shall not be counting the days, weeks, months that she’s been missing.

I’ve been struggling with blogging. Seriously. It’s even worse that having a “blog writer’s block” – I am not going to pretend to know how it feels like to have a writer’s block because that wouldn’t be fair to those that actually do write…you know, professional writers and all that. The problem that I have been struggling withΒ  is a potent mixture of laziness, confusion and expectations; and you can find itΒ  here in all it’s gloriousness ! (I made that word up)

I also have over 250 blog posts to read and comment to ! So to those that haven’t seen me around your blogs – I’m sorry! And I will get to reading your awesome blog posts and commenting on them! I also realized that even if I didn’t read all your posts and comment on all of them it wouldn’t really be aΒ  catastrophic thing for you! But I *do* nevertheless feel guilty for ignoring your blogs for so long because I was embroiled in the above mentioned potent malady!

So….yea…thank you for your attention. We’ll be going back to some sort of regular schedule from now.


17 thoughts on “Why yes, I’m still here…

  1. I had a break too Shree, a while ago, if you remember, and it’s always a big step coming back and catching up… the only way to do it. is take a deep breath, and enjoy the experience,… like meeting old friends again…. s l o w l y … See you soon… and did I say?… Great to ‘see’ you back amongst us.. πŸ™‚ xPenx


    1. Yes I remember Pen and gosh I did miss your poems! πŸ™‚ Thank you for your welcome back and I’m glad to be back πŸ˜€

      And yes…a deeeeeeep breath and taking my time to visit each of you and spend some time with your thoughts and words …slowly….did I mention that patience isn’t exactly my virtue..hehehe. Maybe I shall take this as a lesson in practicing patience πŸ˜‰


  2. Well I’m glad you’re back, Shree! You know, all your posts don’t have to groundbreaking to be appreciated. I think sometimes we put much too much pressure on ourselves.


    1. Thank you Binky! And you’re right! That’s what I have been grappling with. It’s like I will have this idea or want to blog about something and then I go..”Oh..but someone has done it already!” or “I’m not an expert!!!!”..then the idea sort of fizzles away. So thank you for confirming that it really is just about sharing and doesn’t need to be something groundbreaking!


  3. Oh I SO miss you when you are not around but I release all expectations. πŸ™‚
    Girl, you are a writer and a really good one, just saying. πŸ™‚ So whether are not you have been published doesn’t not diminish you from using the title.

    So happy to see you today. I will be going from not working in 4 years to working 2 jobs, so you may well see less of me.

    Adore you


    1. Wow! All the best Sindy! May it be an opportunity for you and even us, your friends who follow your awesome blog to learn something new? πŸ™‚

      Don’t worry..take your time ..we will still be here, waiting for your posts with those beautiful pictures you have the gift of finding and posting πŸ™‚


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