Awesomness within 256 pages.

What did I like about this book / what did I get from it?

First of all, the title of this book hooked me in. At the time I bought this book I was looking for way to go back to my heart and I felt I needed all the help that I could get. Reading the write-up on the back cover sort of reeled me in. Flipping through the book and reading the first few pages of the Introduction, I was paying for the book.

This was the first book of Paul Ferrini that I have read and I liked his style of writing. He writes in short sentences that allows you to get stuff without trying to decipher long and tortuous sentence structures. He also doesn’t use “big” words. Nice, simple, short and sweet, because honestly that is sometimes the best way to get the message across, isn’t it?

After reading it I realized something and that was that this book, to me, is like an all in one spiritual book. After reading different books from different authors (though I haven’t read that many books) you sort of realize that the messages are the same. That at the root of it all there are these Universal ideals, and they don’t differ at all. And to me, this book covers it all.

The one main thing I got from this book is that the answer to life, the Universe and everything else is not 42 (a Douglas Adams reference here) but it’s really about us. Me. You. It comes down to how we take responsibility of our lives, our relationships with others and that with God / Universe. It comes down to “Do unto yourself what you would have others do unto you”. It comes down to “Loving your neighbour as you would love yourself”. When we realize and apply the ideal that we are responsible for everything that happens in our lives then we would take the trouble to become more aware of the consequences of our actions to ourselves and our neighbours. When we realize and apply that love and compassion is what we all need and want, we become better individuals. When we learn that from all this comes respectΒ  and honour for ourselves and those around us, we create a better world.

I also liked that God is referred as both the feminine and the masculine. I also liked that it wasn’t a religious book but a book that was inclusive for the Universal ideals / laws.

Some favourite quotes, rating and recommendations on Page 3

15 thoughts on “Awesomness within 256 pages.

  1. I agree with the quote . . . if we follow our breath, we find god waiting within.

    God dwells within me, as me.
    God is the breath within the breath.


    1. That’s a lovely quote! It’s actually quite mind boggling and awe inspiring when we realize that God is truly within us…I know that I know it..logically..I wonder what it would feel like when I finally realize it!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting Nancy! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Binky! I bet the ideals of this book suits a wombat’s life just as much as a human life..because you see…most are Universal truths! Get Chris to get one for himself too, while you’re at it! πŸ˜€


  2. I have about 40+ books on my shelf that I have not got to yet, but will be reading each and every one of them. Looks like I might be adding this one on the shelf as well.


    1. Yay!!! That’s so awesome to hear Deb πŸ™‚ At least you’re thinking of it, so that’s a good thing ;). Don’t worry..I keep telling myself NO MORE and then I spy something interesting and off goes NO MORE and in comes MORE! hahahahah!
      But hey, books are an money spent on books is well worth it πŸ™‚


  3. Awesome review Shree. Christ is a level of consciousness, like Buddha, most people are not even aware that there are more than one Buddha.

    I know you know this just putting it forth.

    Much love,

    Pinned it to Books on Pinterest


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