Awesomness within 256 pages.

Some favourite quotes:

There are so many sentences in this book that has been highlighted in bright yellow, so I just did us all a favour and flipped throughΒ  pages at random and typed some of them here πŸ˜‰

“If you look at the surface of people’s lives, you would have to say that people aren’t equal….When you see beyond appearances. when you see what is in people’s hearts, you see the same struggle, the same pain”

“When you act without regard for others, you do not honor yourself. Every time you attack, you have something to defend.”

“Your fearful thoughts and actions call forth the fearful thoughts and actions of others”

“I ask you to be rigorous in understanding that no one knows more than you do. No one has anything to give you that you do not already have”

“Be realistic about your experience here. There is only one person that needs to wake up and that is you. Those who have a gift to give you will not withhold it. Those who withhold information or love from you, have no gift to give.”

“Many times I have asked you to be in the world but not of it. What does this mean? It means that you can do the tasks that other men and women do, but you do them joyfully in the spirit of love. You give your labor as a gift. There is no sacrifice involved”

” Do not expect your relationship with God to look like anyone else’s or you will sabotage the relationship”

“Come to God empty and surrendered…..Be with Her without expectations. Just be and let Her find you as you are, in your simple essence”

Rating and recommendation :

Five stars – I’d actually recommend this to anyone who is interested in getting the big picture of what spirituality is all about. What does going on the spiritual path mean? If that’s your question that this is a book that may help you learn something about it.

I’ve read this book once but what I realize is that this is the type of book where one can keep going to and re reading it. It’s like a book of reminders for us who have too many things cluttering our mind. I know that I plan to re read this, one chapter a night.

15 thoughts on “Awesomness within 256 pages.

  1. I agree with the quote . . . if we follow our breath, we find god waiting within.

    God dwells within me, as me.
    God is the breath within the breath.


    1. That’s a lovely quote! It’s actually quite mind boggling and awe inspiring when we realize that God is truly within us…I know that I know it..logically..I wonder what it would feel like when I finally realize it!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting Nancy! πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Binky! I bet the ideals of this book suits a wombat’s life just as much as a human life..because you see…most are Universal truths! Get Chris to get one for himself too, while you’re at it! πŸ˜€


  2. I have about 40+ books on my shelf that I have not got to yet, but will be reading each and every one of them. Looks like I might be adding this one on the shelf as well.


    1. Yay!!! That’s so awesome to hear Deb πŸ™‚ At least you’re thinking of it, so that’s a good thing ;). Don’t worry..I keep telling myself NO MORE and then I spy something interesting and off goes NO MORE and in comes MORE! hahahahah!
      But hey, books are an money spent on books is well worth it πŸ™‚


  3. Awesome review Shree. Christ is a level of consciousness, like Buddha, most people are not even aware that there are more than one Buddha.

    I know you know this just putting it forth.

    Much love,

    Pinned it to Books on Pinterest


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