Awesomness within 256 pages.

I read this book some time ago and have really wanted to review it. For some reason I couldn’t get myself to do it! I think it was because I feared that I wouldn’t do justice to this book. However, I decided that enough was enough and to stop being a wuss about it! If this review makes you go, at any one point reading it, “Hmm..this might be an interesting book”, then I’d totally feel that I’ve done good by this book 🙂

Click link: Paul Ferrini’s website.

Silence is the essence of the heart. You cannot be in the heart unless you are in forgiveness of yourself and others. You cannot be in the heart if you are worried or angry. You cannot be in the heart if your breathing is shallow or labored.

When the breath is labored, thinking is driven by fear and anxiety. Your mindstates are rooted in the past or the future. You cannot see accurately. All the you perceive is a fabrication, a hyperbole. So take a deep breathe and return to the heart.

When you return to the heart, you abide in the silence from which all sound comes. Like a boat on the ocean you feel the waves swell beneath you. You move with the waves, but you know you are not the waves. Thoughts come and go, yet you know you are not the thoughts. You abide with the ebb and flow of the tide, moving in and out, feeling the contraction and expansion of thought.

Beneath the thinking mind is a pure, non-judgmental, awareness. When you discover that awareness, you fall into the heart. Then giving and receiving are effortless – From the back cover of The Silence of the Heart.

What is it about?

First, let me tell you what it’s not about. It’s not a “religious” book. It doesn’t propagate religious doctrines, it’s not about Jesus,it’s not about Christianity or any other religion.

What it is though, is a book about how to live. It’s about going back to that silent space in our hearts and meeting the Divine within us. It’s about re-learning and remembering who we are and the basics of the Universal ideals. In fact the Introduction pages start out by reminding us how to breathe – becoming relaxed and breathing in deeply. Have you noticed that most of us have forgotten how to breathe? We are usually so stressed up with work and life in general that most of us don’t even manage to take a full breath in! I know I don’t.

“The Silence of The Heart” is the second book from a series called “Reflections of the Christ mind” by Paul Ferrini. Though you see the word “Christ” there, I hope you aren’t put off by it because note it’s the Christ mind or consciousness. It’s the ideals that can be traced back to not only the Christ mind, but that of the Buddha consciousness too, and into the Universal ideals found within each world religion. The 256 page book is “self published” by the author through the Heartway Press, and is classified under Spirituality / Psychology and New Thought. It’s divided into 10 parts with topics dealing with our relationship with our selves, with our lives, with others and also with God / the Divine / Source.

To give you an idea on the division of the book, I’ve listed the 10 parts below:

1. Integrity

2. Right Relationship

3. No other Gods

4. Right Livelihood

5. Healing the Divided Self

6. Communion and Community

7. Opening to Miracles

8. Reconciliation

9. Embracing Self

10. Awareness

What did I like about this book? Click page 2 to find out.

15 thoughts on “Awesomness within 256 pages.

  1. I agree with the quote . . . if we follow our breath, we find god waiting within.

    God dwells within me, as me.
    God is the breath within the breath.


    1. That’s a lovely quote! It’s actually quite mind boggling and awe inspiring when we realize that God is truly within us…I know that I know it..logically..I wonder what it would feel like when I finally realize it!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting Nancy! 🙂


    1. Thank you Binky! I bet the ideals of this book suits a wombat’s life just as much as a human life..because you see…most are Universal truths! Get Chris to get one for himself too, while you’re at it! 😀


  2. I have about 40+ books on my shelf that I have not got to yet, but will be reading each and every one of them. Looks like I might be adding this one on the shelf as well.


    1. Yay!!! That’s so awesome to hear Deb 🙂 At least you’re thinking of it, so that’s a good thing ;). Don’t worry..I keep telling myself NO MORE and then I spy something interesting and off goes NO MORE and in comes MORE! hahahahah!
      But hey, books are an money spent on books is well worth it 🙂


  3. Awesome review Shree. Christ is a level of consciousness, like Buddha, most people are not even aware that there are more than one Buddha.

    I know you know this just putting it forth.

    Much love,

    Pinned it to Books on Pinterest


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