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Every day, every moment in our lives we make choices. We make choices on what we think, what we say and what we do. We make big choices and small choices, but each regardless of its “size” or “importance” has its consequences on ourselves,the path that we travel and those around us. The one thing I can say that we don’t really choose is our emotions, but what we do in response to those emotions is again a choice that we make.I’ve always believed that whatever choice we make there are certain points or lessons in our lives that we will come to. We may take the “easy” way or the path less traveled. We may walk the path gracefully, finding it clear or we may stumble and fall, navigating the rough and stony path. In the end though, we will have to confront the lessons. Whether we have the awareness to learn them with grace or whether we decide to learn it kicking and screaming, again is in our hands.

But are there “right and wrong” choices? Can we categorize them as bad or good? Is it true that there is no right or wrong choice? Is it true what some say that the choices that we make are the right ones and that there are no wrong choices? What about those that decide to cheat others or commit acts of atrocities on others? How can we look at the terrible things that some people have done and claim that their decisions to do so should be accepted – because you see “there is no “wrong” choice?

Here’s the thing. The simple fact is that there are choices that we make and those choices will affect us and those around us in different ways. How we then choose to respond to the effect produced by said choice is then again, another choice. It’s like a chain reaction.

A choice made reflects the state of mind that you are in. Are you reacting to an emotion. Are you even aware of the choice that you have made. You see, I feel that whatever choices that I have made and will make in my life is a reflection of me. What’s going on within me – the doubts, the fears, the expectations, the perceptions, the believes ; and it reflects how aware I am of it.

Do you find that at times you are completely stumped at the choice you have to make? I am. There are times when I’m not sure. I don’t know if the choice that I make will hurt another or not. If I am doing the “right thing” or not. If I am doing it for selfish reasons or not. Well…

Edgar Cayce readings

Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) was a psychic of the 2...
Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) was a psychic of the 20th century and made many highly publicized predictions.Citation needed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Edgar Cayce is known as the Sleeping Prophet. He had an amazing gift of accessing the Superconcious while in an altered state of consciousness, also known as somnambulism, giving “reading” ranging from medical conditions to answering questions on spirituality. Clicking the link will take you to the website.

What I learned about making choices in our lives is that all choices are based on our motivation. The intent of our choice is more important than the choice itself. But, how do we know if our intent is helpful or hurtful to us or others?

This is where the concept of a spiritual ideal steps in. A spiritual ideal is a benchmark of all that you think, say or do. It’s the one word that you base your attitudes and actions on. It can be the ultimate of all ideals, such as love – the love of all humanity, or it can be a person like Buddha or Jesus, or it can be a definite form of consciousness like Christ consciousness or Buddha consciousness. Whatever you choose, it needs to resonate with you. It needs to be something that you feel is important to you – at the level of the soul or deep within you.

Then comes the mental ideal. The mental ideal is the attitude that comes from your spiritual ideal. Let’s say we take love as our spiritual ideal, then what sort of attitude would you have towards yourself , your life and those around you which reflects love. For example, if I hold love as my spiritual ideal then I would have the attitude of forgiveness towards myself and others, patience can be another attitude as could empathy. .

The manifestation of our spiritual and mental ideal would then be our physical ideals. Our actions, our words and our choices. For example, if we take the spiritual ideal of love and bring into ourselves the mental ideal of having an attitude of patience, then we would then consciously choose to listen to a friend’s problems with an open heart and without judgement. If we hold love as our spiritual ideal and choose the attitude of self-worth, then though we want to dress comfortably, we would choose clothes that are comfortable yet not frumpy. If we choose to walk away from a relationship, then we would do so out of love and in a responsible manner, towards ourselves and our partner

They can be life changing choices or the small daily choices that we make for ourselves. If we keep working on reminding ourselves of our spiritual ideal and consciously being aware of our attitudes and the manifestation of it, then we can be assured that the choices that we make will help us grow into our greatest potential.

What are your thoughts on making choices? Do you feel that there are good and bad choices?

26 thoughts on “Making choices

  1. Choices, every day we make so many, Shree, large and small, but whatever the size, those choices change our lives , some without us knowing how much or whether ’tis for the better or worse. The choice to leave the house a minute earlier can have you meeting someone you’ve not seen for a while and the knock on effect can be enormous. So day by day we take different paths, and some believe that there a different dimensions where our decisions created branches and totally new outcomes to our lives. Mind Boggling stuff. I feel personally, that you make decisions for yourself based on who you are, what feels right and how much time you have to ponder about something important. Large or small, decisions you make change your path/future/beliefs daily. we can cause ripples that reach and change the World. As the saying goes ‘A Butterfly spreads its wings, (such a tiny flapping motion) causing a Hurricane elsewhere’. Whether one actually believes this or not, the premise still stands. Wrong and right choices? We’ll never really know ’til we look in the ‘Big Book’ up yonder and find out if we followed our given path. (should there in fact be one, depends if you believe in fate and consequences. ) Belief in yourself I think is all important, and this belief stands you in good stead choice wise. xPenx


    1. Ah Pen..thanks for you thoughtful comment. It’s true belief in ourselves is important but again the doubts creep in…are my beliefs hurting others…is it selfish? I’m trying to keep my spiritual ideal in mind more now…and it does seem to help. Especially in how I interact with people. Though at times I forget..and I keep telling myself I need to apply it to me too!


  2. I’m not sure there’s an answer to that question. Who decides what’s “good” or “bad”? If I leave a destructive relationship, that’s a “good” decision for me, but it may seem “bad” to my partner. If I stay, it’s devastatingly “bad” for me, but “good” for my partner. How can you judge a choice where one life must be destroyed to save another? My brain hurts…


    1. Hey Diane! I’m sorry your head hurts with all of this!!
      To answer your question…there is no one that can tell you if it is good or bad, only you can. The thing is we as souls have one ultimate ideal and that is to LOVE. Love ourselves, love life, love our neighbours, love God / Divine / Nature…or any other name we choose to use. It is also our sole responsibility..our lives. No one else’s.
      If it is a destructive relationship and if it is bringing one person down, that in itself tells us that something isn’t quite right. It may be the lesson of the person to learn to stand up for themselves, maybe it’s a karmic contract that needs to be fulfilled…so many reasons as to why we get into bad relationships. The choice to leave or not is solely up to the person. If it is devastating for the one person, then it is up to them to decide if they love themselves enough to respect themselves to leave the relationship…and for the other that is bringing his or her partner down…if he feels bad about it then it is his turn to reflect on why…maybe then it is his lesson to learn that you can’t hurt another person and take it for granted they will be with you always.

      As for judging…we can’t judge. We should not judge. The only thing we are asked to do is to hold each action to our highest ideal. If it is love then it is to hold the action against that. Love of ourselves and of others. The thing is…as long as it is done with responsibility and love, then a life is not destroyed. (I’m talking about the daily choices we make). If for example if we choose to leave a relationship but our partner refuses to let go, then it is his burden to bear…does that make sense?


  3. Dang girl…these are some deep post. In a good way. 🙂 My comment on Karma probably better here and vice versa, but they are interchangeable. I have been facing my attachment to an idea of love in a relationship and now I see that I really need to put on my big girl spiritual panties and approach my perception in an a more enlightened manner.

    Like I said maybe this comment belongs in the last post on karma, but karma and choice go hand in hand. My old teacher used to say, “There are two ways to deal with karma, willingly and unwillingly.” So true.

    Great post and of great help to me.



    1. Thanks Sindy 🙂 You’re right…both posts to go hand in hand! I replied a long one in your other I’ll just say “I know what you mean!!!” LOL!


            1. Woohoo!!!! Sindy..pass me a cookie! I’ve done it 😀 I know have a FB button where you can share it on FB..LOL! I had to change the setting to Icon + Text instead of Official button option…duh!


  4. You are correct!! our life is guided by the choices we make. The choices are guided by the grace we gain in our life!! It comes from the good deeds done in your previous incarnations, your parents, current incarnations!! You can see this playing out in life, when we are almost making the most stupid decision(choice) in our life and then suddenly for no reason at all we stop it!! Choice we take can be improved by love, sharing and being good. Thanks for the wonderful post!!


    1. Thank you for your comment which adds on to the post! And thank you for thinking it a wonderful post too! 😀
      Though I agree with your thoughts, the more I am exposed to thoughts by others I realize that even if we have done “bad things” in our previous lives, even if we carry the patterns from our families and incarnations we have been given free will which is so important and a wonderful gift because it allows us to move to grace…again by making the choices which help us reach our highest potential 🙂


      1. Scott Adams of Dilbert fame has written a beautiful book on free will. How much of free will is free ? That is debatable question Shree!! Though certain choices we take may seem individualistic, but do you think it is so ? All our choices are interlinked and to put it more correctly we are like electrons who are impacted by the behavior of electrons of the neighboring atom/molecule. All our choices are interlinked and free will is free to a certain extent of our knowledge. I would love to know your thoughts on this. 🙂


        1. Hi timeinteresting! (this tells you I am yet to browse your blog properly because I don’t even know if you have told your readers your name yet! LOL!).
          I’m not really sure how Scott Adams perceived free will in his book but I agree with both your points albeit separately. I believe that our free will is totally each individual and I believe that just as how you described it every choice creates a ripple effect on not only others around us but to ourselves and even our environment. I have read a book that says it even goes as far as affecting the cosmos! But to me that does not make our free will less free!
          You know, you’ve actually given me an idea for a blog post! I’ll elaborate more on this there…but that above is the gist of what I believe. 😀


  5. A fan of simplicity over complexity, I’ve (over considerable time) worked to create conscious awareness of choice throughout my being. It’s delightful to co-exist with the process of considering, yet not getting wrapped up in too much analysis of what one is deciding. Enjoying the comfort of being in flow allows (for me) choice to present as it’s intended. I often marvel at how the Beatles lyrics in “Let it Be” align well with choosing. Enjoyed this post.


    1. Hi Eric! Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting AND for enjoying the post! Simplicity is the key we all need to find, I believe. Sometimes I feel that when we are in the process of learning and trying to remember who we are and how to just be in the present and follow our inner guidance, sometimes we need to muddle through the complexity before going ‘Ah-ha!’ one fine day leading us to the simplicity of it!
      That’s how it works for me…as I’ve thought back about my


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