16 thoughts on “Naturally we are One

  1. One thing most people need is a greater connection to nature. As we become increasingly urban, most of us rarely connect with nature, which I think is detrimental to our health and well being.


    1. True. We miss the natural sounds of the world and Mother Earth. You know a Singaporean colleague of mine once told me that he had to take his young kid to the zoo so that he could know what a life chicken looked like! That’s kinda scary…


  2. all connected Shree, we have to be to survive methinks. I read Binky’s comment and he’s so right. everywhere you look, man is tarmacking over the good earth, soil which nourishes and gives life, is covered over for as long as man is on this Planet. Which is why I so enjoy my garden, getting my fingers all dirty. Now that’s connection!! (fancy a hand shake?) heh!! 🙂 xPenx


    1. *shakes hands with Pen*
      It’s true…what you said ..about how for the sake of “development and progress” we instead deface the earth. We need to learn to live with earth and with others..best way to start is to do so ourselves, the way you connect to Mother Earth through your gardening. I’d like gardening too except I’m terrified of the bugs and butterflies I might encounter! LOL!


    1. Hi Dilip! Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment too 🙂
      I’ve fallen “in love” with the Edgar Cayce readings! Especially the book by Herbert Puryear called The Edgar Cayce Primer. Took the quote from there 🙂


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