Got some tape? Measuring our choices

Aarthi from timesinteresting posted an interesting comment some time ago.

She said:” Yes, not making a choice is also a choice. Our intuitions guide us better. We shouldn’t take choice that we will not take if we have tell it to others, may be a good yardstick”

She hit upon something that has been “disturbing” me for quite some time now…well, two things..hmm..actually three things…

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Intuition : What is it and where does it come from?

To me, intuition is just one of the very many names or forms it takes.

It is the voice within us, the Divine within us, our wisdom accumulated over various life times, it’s our Higher Self, it’s our Divine self, that “gut feeling”, a sudden certainty about something that we have been thinking about and more.

It’s what some call our inner compass. It’s the Divine guidance within.

It comes from our heart and from our soul level. Not so much the logical part of our mind.

Intuition is in essence the Divine wisdom that is within all of us guiding us back to our True Self.

So that’s great to know and all that however…

The problem: When is it  intuition and not our ego / goblins / self / judgments / fears….

See, that’s my biggest worry! I keep wondering if it’s just my imagination, or if it’s just a part of my self (as opposed to the Self) which is trying to get’s its two cents in, to feel important or is it truly my intuition. The thing is a long time ago when working in the hospital I know for a fact that intuition played a big part in how I managed certain patients. It was this “gut feeling” that was more of a “feeling in my chest” that guided me. I’m sure of it. I still have that feeling…though not as strong, but it’s still there. And that’s great and I should be and am trying to be grateful for it.

The thing is though, when it comes down to stuff dealing with myself…personally, I get totally confused! I don’t get that feeling. Instead at times I feel like I’m walking blindfolded, through a fog…if that makes any sense. The other thing is I also know “logically” what or how intuition manifests. I’ve asked people, I’ve read the books and even  remember Oprah talking about it.

So how is it supposed to work? Well, intuition is described as a soft voice within us. It’s not loud and garish like those made by everything else that’s not intuition. It’s like a soft pull or tug at our chest or stomach area. It more often comes as a suggestion..gently, while our self with all its baggage insists loudly that we follow what it says. It can also be the first thing that comes to our mind before we even allow ourselves to think . However…there are times when it can come as a sudden flash of recognition or maybe even a vision. Personally, I don’t think that happens very frequently. What does happen most often is a gentle nudging, a sense of unease that maybe we may need to rethink a certain decision or on the other hand a sort of silent and gentle yet strong assurance that the choice is right, for us. The most important thing is that it comes from a place of peace, stillness and love, not a place of fear.

The next problem: How can we trust it? How can we know for sure that this is the right decision?

Sometimes I think that we just won’t know 100% that it is the right choice. Sometimes it is a matter of trust, of taking that leap of faith. Each choice we make based on that inner compass takes us closer to remembering that we do hold all the answers within ourselves, we just need to work at tapping into that gift.

From the book The Edgar Cayce Primer by Herbert Puryear it is suggested that we hold our choices to our spiritual ideal. Does it stand the test of being in line with our spiritual ideal? Prayer and meditation, being still and being open to our inner self is another way of measuring our choice.

The thing is even when we do the above we have these wants and needs. These expectations that things have to follow a certain way and let’s face it, most times we sure would like it if it was our way. The key (and a pretty hard one in fact) is to not hold on to what we at the conscious level think is right, logical, proper and acceptable to society, to our families, to the “norm”.Because sometimes what we think is not the truth. What we think is acceptable and normal, may not suit us. What we expect may not be right for us.

But how do we practice this? How do we not hold on to expectations and perceptions which bombard us all the time, from within and without?

I don’t know if there is any “easy” solution to this except to say that it’s through trial and error. It’s through continuously being aware of our thoughts and that inner voice. It’s to learn that there are times when we need to think things through and to be able to recognize when the doubts that occur are good doubts or bad ones. Whether these doubts are our intuition telling us to hold up a minute, to rethink our choices or if it’s our goblins shouting their fear.

May I ask your opinion?

If we have to tell someone of our choice, does this mean that it is not the right choice then? I honestly don’t think that’s true. For some (and I know this) it’s just a human tendency to get some sort of confirmation, some sort of “sign” that we are on the right track. However, there are a few things to remember:

1. Always ask the opinion of someone who you trust. Someone that you know holds your best interest at heart.

2. Always remember that however wonderful that person is, they are still human. They still have their own perceptions and understanding about life. You are asking for their opinion, but you don’t have to take it as law. You still have the choice to use all of it, take some of it or discard as you see fit.

3. Sometimes just talking to someone about the situation, taking it out of your mind and giving it form by verbalizing it can actually help you see things a lot more clearly! …and most times we tend to answer ourselves! I call this the sounding board. Your friend is just a board and you sound out whatever is in your mind and voila!

Then is just a matter of…yep..doing it!

Do you have a way of measuring your choices?

22 thoughts on “Got some tape? Measuring our choices

  1. Intuition Shree, as you say, we can wonder to ourselves whether or not it’s really intuition or just a feeling. We could actually tie ourselves in knots wondering all the time if this or that action was the right way to go. Trust is the key. Trust in yourself. If it be intuition or just a feeling, it’s yours,. you own it and you make the choice. I find if I ask anyone else, I tend more often than not, to listen , smile, weigh the options and then, more often than not, go the way I wanted in the first place. ‘cos If it’s a wrong decision , I’d rather blame myself than someone else!! Spoils relationships methinks. Once again you’ve woken my grey cells, ah well, off for a strong coffee
    😉 xPenx


    1. Hehe…glad your grey cells got a workout again 😉 I agree with you Pen, trust is the key and we have to take responsibility for our choices. Sometimes I have the feeling that the reason why we prefer asking is because we have an excuse to say “Oh but I listened to you!”…the thing is even if we did listen, it was again our choice. Whichever way we twist and turn it, the fact is we had a choice and we made it 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend dear friend! *hugs*


  2. Well, Shree, you know me and all (most!) of my Inner Aspects, and each one of them has their own ‘voice’, but I recognise the nudge or push that comes when intuition is at work. To me, it isn’t a voice, although, at times, it can be. Once, as I was collecting my car from having some work done on it, a lady asked if I would give her a lift to a launderette. I had to back my car out into the road, so I asked her to wait whilst I did so. Her friend was stood in the middle of the road waiting. Something didn’t feel right to start off with anyway, and the launderette was not that far up the road. Suddenly I had a sudden urge to just go, together with a very definite ‘command’ to drive. So I did. I looked in the mirror and the lady’s friend was running after me in the road, but I drove on. I felt awful, but it also felt right. I have no idea what would have happened if I hadn’t followed the urge, but I still know, intuitively, that I made the right decision.
    Like Lady P says trust is the key.


    1. Pen has it right Tom. Trust is the key, but then how to trust. That is what stops me at times and some others that I know.

      Ah…those voices. I have those too, though sometimes they are my goblins…making me fear when there is no reason to!

      That story was a really good one! and I’m so glad that you followed your intuition! I feel that more often than not when it’s something that would save our lives or when we are put in danger, intuition tends to scream at us instead of giving us a gentle nudge!


  3. Shree, this is a fabulous post! I need to think some more and will come back with my complete comments. I am so glad I found your blog ( and you) because you do a great job of vocalizing dilemnas and such in a thoughtful and inspiring way.



  4. I came back to say that you raise many important questions about how intuition operates. Its communication mechanism differs from person to person, I will get a flash of thought that usually has little to do with whatever I am consciously thinking about. Or when I am making a decision, sometimes I will get a confident sense of knowing about how to proceed. Intuition is subtle and not fear based. Often after I ignore it , I later realize I was being guided. But I find that recognizing the signs consistently is a process.



    1. Hi Linda! Thanks for commenting!
      It’s true, most times we tend to be wiser on hind sight..hehe.
      At times it’s helpful when our intuition is clear…but I have had those (and even myself) when we are too afraid that it’s the ego..or something else, which in itself seems to point to our egos making us doubt…ah, its a cycle that one must learn to get out of 😀


  5. Those are some very good questions, Shree. I think, in the end, we often don’t know if it’s intuition or our ego or something else that is trying to influence us. Most of us would like to do the right thing, and would like to know for certain it’s what we should do. But often we receive conflicting messages, and cannot be sure.

    Like you say, I think intuition is usually that quite sense that can’t quite be put into words, a sense that we should or shouldn’t do something. Our logical, higher mind is only aware of so much, and other parts of our brain and senses are probably taking in much more than we know.


    1. Hi Peter!
      Yes, most of us would like to do the right thing but at times we get confused!
      Even though most of us know how to differentiate it when we verbalize what intuition is or when we think about it, but there are times when we are in a situation and at that very moment…we just don’t know.
      nrhatch’s comment with the link is a good read too 🙂

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and add your input 😀


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