Shree wonders…

Amanda the Panda sitting in a tree, just sitting.

Here comes Shree adding a thought bubble to her 😉

Picture credit to Hazel Langford. Click picture for link
Picture credit to Hazel Langford. Click picture for link

You know I get that people work hard for those degrees and it’s really quite okay for them to “show off” their rich and astounding vocabulary to their peers, but my gripe is why do that to mere mortals such as..well, me!!

13 thoughts on “Shree wonders…

    1. Hahahahah Nancy. Well…it was a book for a course, and it *was* a Carl Jung book…but still …yea. I couldn’t refuse to read it.

      I had to look up some of the words used in my little rant from the online Thesaurus website..hehehe


    1. Oo…I’m kinda rambly at times

      I do read long posts, but this little rant of mine came about as I was reading a book for one of my subjects. I had to write this list of words that I couldn’t even guess (and I’m quite good at getting the meaning of a sentence without knowing some words!).


    1. hehe..well I get that the book I’m reading is geared for Psychology and Carl Jung came up with his own terms (they actually have a course on Jungian terminology!!)…I just prefer simple english 😀


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