Rainbow Within

Art credited to Lora Mercado. Please click the picture to go to her blog which showcases her beautiful and awesome art!

An idea that came while waiting, about a poem in honour of our chakras.

Please click picture for link.

Spinning and swirling

Creating radiant light

Gracefully moving

Emanating from within, cocoon of light.

Ruby red full of fire

Strong foundation to build

Ground us to earth.

Orange glowing like amber

Artisan creating pleasures and abundance

Release the Goddess within.

Third or Solar Chakra
Click picture for link

Yellow sublime like the sun

In the middle you uniting the earth with the sky

Unleash our power within.

Picture credit to Malakh7 in Deviantart. Click picture for link.

Emerald green shinning bright

Where the heart is you are found

Make us instruments of love.

Blue of the endless sky

Strength in your words

Communicate our truth.

Click picture for link

Deep blue, depth of the seas

The eye of truth, seeing all

Remind us of our wisdom.

Up above  the violet flame

Blazing like the crowning star

Connecting back to Source

From whence we came, we shall return.

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