Shree wonders…

Amanda the Panda, sitting in a tree.

Along comes a thought bubble, wandering through the sky.

Sent by whom, we wonder. Why it’s from Shree!

What’s she got for me now! says poor Amanda, with a big old sigh!

Picture credit to Hazel Langford. Please click picture for link.
Picture credit to Hazel Langford. Please click picture for link.

14 thoughts on “Shree wonders…

  1. I have noticed this wise-ism Shree, always easy to give advice, and share your wisdom, and ’tis true could be applied to you, for we draw deep within to gain knowledge about ourselves and others. Hope your rain has ceased, as our hot sunny weather has departed for a while and the day is drizzly and wonderfully cool. Sigh!! 🙂 xPenx


    1. Hey Pen ! Happy weekend to you! Yea..the rains have gone 😦 It’s back to hot now, not too humid though which is good! Guess the rains did come over to your side! 😀


  2. Good thoughts. Sometimes we share “advice” with others that we practice as well as preach . . . other times, we share how we want to BE even if we’re not yet quite there. 😀


    1. Hi Nancy! That is true… I have noticed that when I am asked I say “This is what I did…” but always try to remember to add, “but this is me, and my situation is not the exact same thing as yours, you need to do what you feel is right”, though sometimes I forget and act quite pompous! Sometimes I do realize that as you said, it’s something that I want to or am striving to be or do as well! The things is, most times at this point in my journey I am aware that what I am saying applies to me as well…and for that I have started becoming grateful for!


    1. Hey Tom! It is indeed very easy to give others our advice, and at times even when not asked 😛 As for it being easy to follow…well I don’t know about that. Most times it is an easy and obvious advice to follow but to actually follow it…uhm…sometimes when I’m dishing it out like some wise old owl being aware of what I am saying to the other person…in my mind I go “Let’s see YOU follow it yourself!”, and you know what…I know some where inside me that it can be difficult thing to do!


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