Free will is actually…free.

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Scott Adams of Dilbert fame has written a beautiful book on free will. How much of free will is free ? That is debatable question Shree!! Though certain choices we take may seem individualistic, but do you think it is so ? All our choices are interlinked and to put it more correctly we are like electrons who are impacted by the behavior of electrons of the neighboring atom/molecule. All our choices are interlinked and free will is free to a certain extent of our knowledge. I would love to know your thoughts on this. – Aarthi from timesinteresting

Is free will absolutely free? Don’t our choices impact others and if they do, does it mean that it’s not really free?

The short answer : Yes, it *is* free.

The long answer:

When we exercise our right of free will, it is completely our doing. No one can trespass that , not even God. Choices and free will are intertwined. We can’t really separate the two, and the hard fact is that every time we make a choice, we exercise that free will.

We meet with choices every moment of our lives. It’s always this or that. At times the fork on the road may have more than two branches but it will always have at least two. And free will allows us to choose which path we are going to take.

In the movie Exploding Sun, a woman leading a small band of wearied, hungry people to safety makes the decision to seek refuge with a group of terrorist. For her that is the best plan to keep the others safe. With her is the daughter of the leader of that terrorist group and she is certain of his help because his daughter is safe and she’s bringing her back to him. However what happens is not what she expected. Surrounded by men with guns, he tells her that he had disowned his daughter a long time ago and would prefer her dead than alive! Then, handing a gun to her, he tells her if she wants refuge she would have to kill his daughter. If not, he will turn them back.  Amidst the girl’s piteous cries reminding the lady of her promise to keep her safe and the internal battle she fights seen so plainly, she shoots the girl in the head. Based on the storyline of the movie, it could have been as little as an hour the heroes safe the day. The sun doesn’t explode and everything goes back to normal.

It was a terribly hard choice to make, but she made it. And yes, she used her free will to do so.

Here’s the thing: No matter if something free as free will exists, the consequences of our actions will follow. That is the law of the Universe. It doesn’t mean that free will isn’t free. You just get something for it. It’s like getting a free meal. It’s free, you got the meal. Whether you enjoyed it, got ill after eating it or break out in a rash…it was free.

The consequences of our exercising our free will, will be ours to bear. That in itself is not a bad thing! Sometimes we need to make choices that lead us to learn some thing valuable. And it does cause a ripple effect. Everything does. It’s energy. As energy changes it changes the flow of energy all around it. It’s never static. It’s always flowing. So yes, the choices which we make with the gift of free will , will affect not only ourselves but those around us. Does it not say that the flutter of a butterfly’s wings leads to a hurricane in another part of the world?

That is why, according to the Edgar Cayce readings it is so important to base our choices on a spiritual ideal. Herbert Puryear, the author of The Edgar Cayce Primer suggests that its a process and like all process it needs practice and fine tuning, so start with small decision and as we get used to the idea we can handle the big stuff. Our choices, our actions, our thoughts…they all are infused with our intent. When our intent is based on a spiritual ideal of love it will give out the same sort of energy. The effect will be different from if it comes from a place of negativity. It’s like bottled water. It’s water, but different sources of water will taste different. So too our intent will manifest into it’s form.

The bottom line is that free will is indeed free. With our free will, we make our choices. Our choices in turn flow out like the ripples in a pond. Therefore, we as owners of such a powerful gift will need to exercise responsibility when we use it.

Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) was a psychic of the 2...
Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) was a psychic of the 20th century and made many highly publicized predictions.Citation needed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’d like to share parts of the chapter called “Free will and Choice” from the book The Edgar Cayce Primer by Herbert Puryear:

The concept of man’s free will is perhaps one of the most misused, misunderstood, and most debated. All of us feel that we should be able to make our own choices. Yet, all of us are too quick to blame others for the circumstances or difficulties which we experience.

We are capable of choices that are truly free because we are children of God, spiritual beings and as cocreators with Him, capable of truly creative expression which is neither wholly determined by previous choices nor any others predetermining factors, including karmic tendencies.

Having given free will, then — though being omnipotent and omnipresent — it is only when the soul that is a portion of God chooses that God knows the end thereof (Reading 5749-14)

I wonder what you, dear friend think? Does it feel a little clearer about the free-ness of free will, or does it still bug you that something just doesn’t smell right? I mean, what’s that expression, “There’s nothing like a free lunch”? 😉

Is there "free will" in heaven? What...
Is there “free will” in heaven? What about “free will” in life? (Photo credit: Zombie Inc. Wholesale Zombies for Over 25 years)

24 thoughts on “Free will is actually…free.

    1. Free will a very deep subject. To exercise our free will we need to be conscious. How many of us are in full awakened awareness? Because otherwise who is driving The Chariot is most likely some errant aspect of the ego. This is merely my perspective on free will. So the way I see it we must be in conscious self awareness to make a free will choice. Otherwise the choice is being held by an aspect of us (the ego) that has its on agenda and very often this is not an agenda of our Being.


      1. I get your point Sindy. It’s true if you see it one way, which is we so used on going on autopilot allowing our lower self (with all it’s hurts, perceptions molded by our programming and experiences) to drive the car, that we don’t even realize that every moment we make decisions that bring us closer or take us further from our True Self. I also think that however much we are influenced by it, there will always be times when we do feel or hear that quiet voice within us…but it gets crowded out by the white noise of life so fast…because I think we allow it to. The other way to look at it is that regardless of who is driving the car, we are still responsible and we still have a choice. It is a step closer to our True Self when we finally awaken and are aware of what we say, do and think, and it is an exercise of doing it every day…

        Thanks so much for your thought provoking comment 😀


            1. Ooo…aww..thanks Sindy 😀

              Let you in on a secret : Sometimes I get scared because I’m afraid I come off as being a know it all..when you know, I actually struggle with just living life too…but my mouth doesn’t wanna shut up!!!!! Ah well…guess that’s part of my life lesson eh?

              *hugs* thank you for making it seem alright 🙂


  1. Free Will ultimately is our choices, we each have the ability if we are a coherent individual with all our faculties to make a choice. Our choice often is based upon our intention.. We all of us I think know right from wrong.. But our intent as you say has a role to play.. . Do we make decisions based upon our selfish needs, or do we put others needs first? Is our choice based upon fight or flight mode?
    One thing we each much remember again as you have so clearly touched upon is that each of our choices, which we freely made doesn’t just affect us… It goes out like that pebble thrown in the pond creating a ripple effect to all around us..

    The Earth now is in fact reaping that ripple effect, made by our choices over the centuries.. We ultimately by our thoughts and actions have created our future..
    Actions are the results of our thoughts.. First we have the thought! Thought is often forgotten in preference of Action.. It first needs a thought to put us into Action… Thoughts are Energy. That Free Will Zone is where we make up our mind to follow through with an Action!.. So it follows that what we Think! We Create!… as I have wrote about for a long time in my series of Universal Laws…. of which we are all bound…

    Great Thought provoking Post and Edgar Cayce was a remarkable individual I have read much to do with the man…

    Thank you for allowing Me the opportunity to exercise my FREE WILL lol to reply 🙂

    Sue 🙂


  2. so much about free will Shree, is personal choice, in fact personal choice and free will I suppose mean the same., only slightly different, in that free will gives you the option of choosing personally to do something. Without free will, the choice is withheld. Does that sound right to you? The more I think about it the more muddled I’m getting. You do have the ability to get me thinking deeply, now, is that through your free will or my personal choice? Heh!! Deeply thoughtful subject, Shree, I shall think on it some more. (enjoyed Dilbert too!! 🙂 ) xPenx


    1. Hehe are right. Free will and personal choice is about the same but not really…and I’m sorry you got muddled..though I honestly think you weren’t muddled as much as going deep down being contemplative 🙂 Oh..and that’s definitely your personal choice! hehehe.


  3. Some would say that we are preordained to follow a certain path. In other words destiny. Sometimes it does feel that you end up in the same place no matter what you do, as if you have to be there. I believe we have free will and free choice, though certainly many people in some countries are so oppressed or disadvantaged that their opportunities and choices are extremely limited.


    1. I agree Peter! Yes, there is destiny. Yes, I too believe that there will be major points in our lives that we will end up at…no matter what we do..but how those situations play themselves out and our perception of those situations always depend on us…and our choice as to how we handle them.

      When I read all these books, I too wonder…how can we explain or even begin to understand it when it comes to the atrocities we see happening around us, especially in certain countries…and these are the times when I tell myself, maybe it is not for me to understand because there is always the bigger picture…I mean, if I choose to believe in God and in Universal laws, then there will be times when this great Universal drama has its plots and subplots and maybe it’s just too big for me to comprehend all of it?

      LOL…hope that made sense!


  4. very important topic and extremely complex! I do not think we are absolutely free, so much may have been decided before we got here. Hopefully we had a hand in those decisions. I think there’s a dance between free will and destiny. Even with the constraints. exercising one’s freedom to take action in our lives is crucial. Liberation starts from within.

    Shree dear, please exercise your choice to read my very first interview, I love your reactions and feedback:



    1. Hi Linda!

      It’s true about the argument of predestination and free will. From what I have read and learned from others is that we *do* actually have a hand in what lessons we want to learn or what experiences we want to have at a soul level before we come down to this plane.
      However, according to the Cayce readings, predestination, karma, environment and whatever else is balanced by the fact that we still have free will. There is always a choice and we make them based on what we are experiencing.
      Sometimes it is difficult to see free will in action especially when we look at certain situations. That could be because we as humans have labelled choice as good and bad choices…but when we take out our judgement from the equation that we may realize that a choice is a choice…whether it leads us closer to God / True Self or not is the outcome of such choice, and even then we should not judge…others and more importantly ourselves.


  5. Dear Shree,

    Thanks for the detailed post on the question i asked on free will!! Absolutely we all are exercising free will, when we are not influenced by others i think!! But most of the times it is not free for that simple fact!!

    Once again my heart felt thanks Shree!!



    1. You’re welcome Aarthi and I enjoyed it 🙂

      Ah…influence of others..that’s a tricky one, because what I am learning is that regardless of having influencers…the choice is still up to us. We still are free to choose what we are going to do. There is no running away from that 😉


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