Diversity and Divinity

A quote from The Edgar Cayce Primer in the section entitled as above. To me it speaks the message so clearly and simply, you can’t really twist it around.

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If we would keep in mind the uniqueness of the individual even in this lifetime, the great variety of different experiences that each person goes through,adding to that the uniqueness each individual soul may have accrued over many lifetimes, we would surely understand how improbable and unnecessary it is for all to have exactly the same point of view. If mankind is ever to come to love his neighbour, as the great commandment requires, then it must be a love born of sharing the same ideals, not the same ideas. If we truly come to understand and appreciate the reality of the Divine in every soul then our love of our neighbour becomes straightforward. There is no way that we can simultaneously see God in our neighbour and also hate him.

20 thoughts on “Diversity and Divinity

  1. Shree!! It is just amazing how we both selected a similar topic and wrote about it!! I just wrote about unconditional love!! Yes love is born of sharing the same ideals and not ideas!! Simply wonderful and thanks for sharing this perspective!!


      1. I will also try to get that book and read!! Though i have tons to read already!! I have promised myself that i will not buy a new book till i complete the 150 odd unread books that i already have in my library 🙂


  2. This quote is both simple and profound at the same time! Every soul is a unique spark in the universal flame. Accepting the differences in each other is a way to accept the complexities and inconsistenceis within ourselves.



  3. ” Love born of sharing the same Ideals”………… I so relate to the Whole of this Quote.. Seems we are all tapping into the Universal Mind at the moment as we are all trying to steer our readers into questioning themselves… Life is so in need of getting back those ideals which serve the whole instead of the few…

    Lovely post now off to see where your picture link takes me 🙂


    1. It’s true that Sue, what you said about tapping into the Universal Mind. I had just scheduled another post the other day and was reading a few of the blogs I follow and wouldn’t you know it…similar topics!

      Thank you for coming over and commenting:)


    1. Yes it would Peter. Like most wisdoms in life, the ideals are so simple, the application is tough as we battle within to find our True Self..that’s what I think anyways 🙂


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