Being arty farty

…without the flatulence 😉

Reached into my art stuff and decided to work with colour for a bit. Experimented with watercolours and think maybe it’s not really my medium…or I’m more of a mandala person…or something.

So…my gift to you in this post will be minimal words and just some pictures! LOL

24 thoughts on “Being arty farty

    1. Thanks Sindy! Yea…kinda think (stress the think) that maybe I’m better at doing simple watercolour landscapes like those…I’ve been trawling YouTube watching “How to” videos using copic markers. They are SO beautiful and SO MANY COLOURS! Eeeeep!!! Expensive too 😦


    1. Thanks Linda! “Arty farty” was what a friend coined up a long time ago when we went for a theater show or something..hehehe (she was a drama class teacher too!)

      As for the mandalas, the Flowering and the blue & purple one were printed off the computer and I just coloured them in 🙂


  1. Loving your ‘arty farty’ sharing Shree, 🙂 each one is so colourful and makes the eye search the patterns again and again. (You’re trying to mesmerise me aintcha? 😉 ) xPenx


  2. Hi there, Shree! And what a pleasant surprise to see that you’ve done some artwork. Each and everyone of them are lovely too!.
    I hope you do art more often too!


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