Shree wonders…

In the book Journeys into Emptiness, the author Robert Jingsen Gunn states that the concept of dualism or psychological splitting and that ability to differentiate good and bad comes from an initial experience of emptiness which occurs at the very early ages of life. This experience of emptiness occurs when there is a condition of early trauma which is severe enough to cause an individual to create a split. In another section, he states that the ego is formed due to this process as well. “It is the tendency to divide all experiences into two in other to maintain an illusion of a separate self”.

So naturally this got me to wonder…

Picture credit to Hazel Langford. Please click image for link.
Picture credit to Hazel Langford. Please click image for link.

18 thoughts on “Shree wonders…

  1. Shree you have such a knack for couching serious philosophical questions in a whimsical humuorous format!

    Linda wonders : Is Shree a genius or what?

    this style of blogging is a great illustration of resolving a dualistic paradox.

    peace, Linda


    1. Thanks so much Linda πŸ™‚ I am most definitely not a genius..well in the usual sense. In the unusual sense, we all are geniuses…I mean our imaginations itself could make us look in awe at each other!


  2. You’ve got me wondering now, Shree… although (as you know my mind tends to veer off in all sorts of directions!) I’m thinking of a link to a past life where those experiences are no more, and we have to start again when born…


    1. I love the fact your mind wanders around too!! Past life experiences – I have read – kinda stick with us actually, but it’s true that as we are born into this world, we forget, which really can get inconvenient at times! D’oh!
      Here’s another thought : What is there were no past lives, as time of past, present and future is nothing more than a concept for our 3 dimensional minds to comprehend timelessness. What if instead it is parallel. What if 1642 Tom is going on a voyage right now which causes 2013 Tom feeling this magnetic pull for this “time” of 1642?!


    1. Yea..some things can sound pretty far fetched. It’s was a thought that came to mind when reading the part about the split of our psyche due to trauma. And the author says it’s universal and most times these experiences happen early in life. So that got me wondering that not all of us have very traumatic experiences early in life, but if it is a Universal truth that as humans we see things in duality, then there must be some sort of trauma that caused that split…I guess being in the medical field and having worked in the delivery suite it just occurred to me that maybe it could be the trauma of the birthing process itself that could cause that initial split?

      I’m not a student of psychology either…so no idea how it would hold with someone who is! It is fun to “just suppose” at times though πŸ™‚


    1. Ah Sue…I just clicked on the link you shared. Read the short post and I like the way he addresses the ego. It seems more manageable some how! Thank you for sharing it πŸ˜€


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