When it is said, “Doing what you love…”

this is what it should look like!! 🙂

Enjoy the song and…the drummer 😀


Watching him made me SMILE, actually it made me GRIN because that is how I want to BE. That is what we all should be striving for…just loving each moment doing something that gives us that much of energy and JOY!!!!

Can you imagine…all of us, every one of us living with even half the joy the drummer exhibited? A world where there is no fear of “what others might think” or “They might think me crazy!” ? Where each person is allowed to explore, expand and relish the joy of living? Where each person’s dream is encouraged and supported with love?

I’m trying to…it’s a little hard…all I see are smiles, smiles and smiles every where!!!

23 thoughts on “When it is said, “Doing what you love…”

  1. When all is said and done, isn’t that why we are alive! If you are lucky enough to discover your sweet spot, have as much fun as you can. I am reading The Alchemist now and in the beginning of the story it focuses on the life legend. I like ” Life Legend”, don’t you? Anyway, we are often conditioned to please others and put our own needs last ( or never). I think that if you are happy, there is more of you left intact to contribute to your relationships.

    another winner, Ms.Shree!


  2. I don’t know, Shree. Something about him rubbed me the wrong way.

    I didn’t get the sense that he was enjoying the drumming for its own sake. I got the sense that he wanted the attention, the applause, the accolades. He wanted all eyes on him and none on the other members of the band.

    He might as well have been screaming, “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!”
    It just turned me off.

    On an unrelated note:

    We watched Side Effects last night . . . FANTASTIC film.
    Thanks for the recommendation!

    And your paraphrase of Jude Law was right on. 😀


    1. Ooo..I’m glad you enjoyed the movie!! I can’t remember what I said about Jude Law..hahahaha.

      It’s actually quite wonderful to see the different reactions of people to this video! I had a friend on FB who first wanted to have whatever this guy was smoking 😉 Then he analyzed it and said it was something contrived, just for the video.


  3. Love it! I identified with him – I felt as though he really wanted to be singing and throwing all his emotion into the song, but maybe (like me) he has a crappy singing voice so he has to express himself with his instrument. You just don’t see drummers “interpret” the music that way very often – maybe if he was guitarist he’d fit in better… but it’s not really about fitting in, is it? 😉


  4. Sue Dreemwalker put me on to your post I must thank her.
    He beat the drum and his ego and did it his way. The vocal was Frank’s way full of ego.
    I will be cruising around your post for more joy.


  5. A world where everyone could reach their full potential, without the restrictions and expectations we often have placed on us, would be a great world indeed.


  6. Shree, he made me smile, as he certainly did it HIS WAY, If only we could all be less self-conscious and just LET GO!, it may have been part of the ‘Act’ but I am still sure he made more than one or two smile at his antics,
    Thank you for the share… 🙂 Love and Blessings Sue xox


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