Being arty farty : August edition

Dipped into the art supplies and played with some colour 🙂

Hope you enjoy 😀

18 thoughts on “Being arty farty : August edition

  1. Shree, what a delight and so colourful, and you can put the Flag out! Yes I have finished painting your Mandala I spent some time yesterday outdoors painting and had a little visitor land on the corner of my work, A Peacock Butterfly, it sat there for at least 3 minutes as I dare not move as I got to really look at its wings and colouring, almost fur-like body close up. Big smiles, almost as If I had been given a ‘Sign’ of approval, 🙂 You can see the part painted on my yesterdays post Safely Gathered in..

    Sending you a BIG THANK YOU, as I so so enjoyed painting and I will post it in full soon with my own interpretation of how it spoke to me as I painted it… I will be interested to see if you felt anything similar as your drew it into creation!
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xox


    1. I saw it on your blog post and commented there 😀
      I’m so glad you enjoyed it and that you had a nice little fluttery blessing to go along with it too!
      Can’t wait to see your beautiful painting!!!!


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