Celebrating the first year anniversary & My new favouritest song

Thanks to my sister, I’m TOTALLY hooked  to this song…the words are awesome and it’s a totally feel good song.

Here’s to the “new” us, “new” earth, “new” age…whoot! ( Can you tell I’m bopping away to the song as I type this all the while “woohoo-ing” in my head and going yea! yea!!) Hehehe…such a party animal I am 😉


It’s rarely that I really listen to the lyrics of a song because the music usually just takes me along….but the lyrics to this one makes it so worthwhile! It’s a celebration of transformation, of finding our joy, of coming into our own…and the music is wonderfully upbeat too!!

It’s been exactly ONE year today, the 1st of September 2013, that I left my job and life as I knew it and took the leap into working un-normal hours, exploring art, my writing and my studies. Through out this year I have experienced so much. The excitement, the doubts and fears, the inspiration, the sadness, the wonder, the joy, the anxiety, the frustrations, the stumbles and the experience of getting up, dusting off the dirt and continuing this wonderful, adventure called LIFE! I am far from where I wanted to be, I am far from what I expected to be but you know what? If this whole year has taught me (and still teaching me)  something, it is that I am exactly where I am meant to be and doing just what I need to be doing and I really need to start taking the chill pill more often …oh and send my mind off for more frequent vacations to Jamaica…for some reason he loves that island:D

To celebrate I FEEL this is an AWESOME song to CELEBRATE every single moment of it!! ( I’d like to gift back to the corporate world the words “I think” with graciousness. Thank you but I feel I won’t be using much of it anymore 🙂 )

I hope you enjoy (or if you’ve heard it before..enjoyed it) as much as I do 😀


23 thoughts on “Celebrating the first year anniversary & My new favouritest song

  1. Shree, happy Anniversary and love the song and the lyrics and can not say I have heard it before, but I will be listening again as I saved to my favourites 🙂
    Amazing how life throws us along a path we are meant to travel and when we allow ourselves to bop! along to the Beat!!! lol then how energised we feel,
    Love it that One year on you are so full of Energy and Enthusiasm
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xox


  2. I can’t believe I just listened to a NKOTB song! It was pretty good, lyrics-wise. And yes, quite uplifting.

    Congratulations on your new life! That’s a pretty brave thing to do, to make a make a major change like that. I’m glad it has worked out for you, and I hope this coming year is even better for you.


    1. Ahahahaah! I know right! But for some reason that song just makes me wanna jump up and dance!!!

      Thank you 😀 and you know though it seems like a brave thing to do…at the time I was quite desperate because it was either that or make myself physically ill!


      1. I still think it took courage to make that leap. A lot of people end up stuck where they are because they can’t bear to do something like that, even if it is best for them in the long run. I’m glad you did!


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