Introducing Bathroom Wisdoms

Hey everyone! I’m starting a new type of posts called Bathroom Wisdoms!

No, it’s not that my bathroom speaks to me uttering some profound wisdom to me when I’m in there…well not exactly, but this bathroom is special because it’s where my sister and I meet up for little ciggie breaks and talk! It’s not really that weird!! As we puff away we tend to talk about stuff and sometimes the light bulb in my mind goes “DING!!” like a call bell!

So I thought it would be cool to share some of these DING moments with you too πŸ˜€

Bathroom Wisdom 1 : The Value of one.

Background story :

The conversation revolved around the believe that most people today don’t seem to value any sort of course or healing session (and the like) if it is free. Most times the idea behind asking for payment for such things is that if a person invests the money then they would more likely be serious about doing something for themselves, learning the tools and using them because they paid for it. It’s like a filter to take out those that merely come for a session out of curiosity or worse skeptics that just want to proof their point that these things are just a waste of time and not “evidence based” (and such).

My sister however didn’t agree to that. She didn’t feel that was a good enough reason to not do free sessions for some people, based on the practitioners judgement. In fact, she believes that for those who already have other work which supports them, then if they choose there really isn’t a need to charge anyone at all!


The DING moment:

Here is what she said to me: You know we all talk about the oneness in everyone and everything, so why are we so worried about the majority? Why aren’t we concerned about just that ONE person whom we can help? Just touching one person is amazing because we each hold the Universe within ourselves, so though it’s just ONE person…we are affecting the whole Universe!

And it’s true! In this day and age where almost all of us play the number game, when the value of anything is measured by how much or how many, we forget the value of that ONE person. We forget the wonderful stories like the story of how the shepherd with a hundred sheep went out looking for just that one which was lost. We forget that when we do affect just one person we are in effect starting a chain reaction that will ripple out at affect others.

And here is the other thing, we even forget that we ourselves can be that ONE person! Whenever we take charge of our lives and learn to live a better life, it doesn’t ever stop at just us! Because the change from within is exhibited without and flow out around us.

Wouldn’t it be amazingly wonderful if we continued to remind ourselves of this? Imagine if each of us were to just affect ONE person in a positive way…how quickly this world would change!!

So here’s to the extremely wonderful and awesome value of ONE!!! πŸ™‚


39 thoughts on “Introducing Bathroom Wisdoms

  1. Love the Bathroom Wisdom. I have often thought about how someone saying just one thing that changes your life, or visa versa.
    How if you make a positive difference in just one persons life……..

    Namaste friend~
    βœΏαƒ¦βœΏαƒ¦.¸¸ღ♫*Β¨`*β€’..¸ƸӜƷ βœΏαƒ¦ βœ«β€



    1. Mhmm Sindy…the thing is (I know this is true for me) though it isn’t the way to look at things I want to make a tangible difference to someone and I know my small self, the ego self wants that recognition…so I have to constantly remind myself that it doesn’t work that way! Sometimes it does, other times we just do what we feel is right within our hearts and do it with grace and humility, always knowing that we are channels of Spirit / God / Ultimate Love / Source and we should be at peace and trust that it is helping someone and the world at large.

      Though there was a time a short while ago, when I had a few patients come back to me with news that made me feel glad that I went with the inner guidance πŸ™‚ And….I sure do hope I thanked God for that…I’m sure I did…hmm…shall we just say that I did? teeheehee.


        1. Of course πŸ™‚ I don’t know why…but sometimes I get the feeling that I need to remind myself that my ego *is* actually a part of me…and he’s not really bad…you know?


      1. I have a bath tub in my bathroom. It seems I will have a double comfort Shree. I will be happy to immerse in every water you prepare. Wisdom has a lot of faces. I love to see your face.
        Love to you for all week.


  2. provocative, insightful, with a dash of humor, can i call it ” Shree style” ?

    I go back and forth with this. I aim to serve ( N. Node in Virgo, 7th house for the astrologers) and know it is right, then at times my ego gets upset if the recipients of my service do not seem to appreciate me or my service! I do love the concept of pay it forward, and often use my gifts to help others free of charge. Yet my ego craves recognition, and on we go! Many therapists believe sessions without payment equals non-investment. Yet I have known many paying clients with little to no clinical investment! We are all one, and I think that the myriad of reactions are expressions of the One. And around and around and around I go. I have always enjoyed doing volunteer work and expect to do some once I retire. I am going to stop the rambling now, just wish I could reach a resolution!

    PS, I love your unique style of blogging. Can I call it Shree-style?


    1. Oo..thank you for calling it Shree style! I like it πŸ˜€

      This is one of those questions where we *can* go round and round because in the end I feel that it’s perspective. It is also a matter of practicality, I mean if someone chooses to make it a profession then f course they would need to charge for it.

      I understand about the ego too, Linda. That need for recognition πŸ™‚ But like my sister says, that’s fine! Of course you want recognition for your efforts! Just don’t deny it and it’ll be okay.


      1. Do you mean just don’t deny the ego?
        I like that you and your sister are so close ( but not the smoking yuck!) I also have a sister 3 years younger. We are in the same profession, but do not really connect. It is great to see two sisters interact as you do πŸ™‚


        1. Mhmm…actually I have come across it in some of the books I have read too. The ego, sadly has been put in bad light. The thing is, our egos give us our personality and identity as we live in this world. That in itself is not a bad thing. Also, it does have its place in protecting us. However, as all things in life the key is to have a balance and for us to be taught how to follow our inner guidance and at the same time respecting the place our egos have in our lives.

          What happens, from my understanding, is that the ego most often talked about is our wounded selves. The parts we suppress because it’s not normal, it’s considered weird…you know the stuff which we are forced to grow up with.

          It’s okay to want recognition. It only becomes a problem when we suppress this natural need to be recognized for our efforts that it sort of rebounds and smacks us in our face, and then we create this inner battle within us! We either become hypocritical about it, wanting it within but pretending we don’t on the outside; or we become envious of those who get recognition and talk bad behinds their backs…and all sorts of other things.

          So, my sister figures (and I totally agree with her) that it would make life a lot easier if we were just honest with ourselves and others and be okay with wanting recognition πŸ˜€

          That’s one reason why I feel those brought up in the West, especially Americans have one up on us Asians. We are taught since young that it’s “bad” to be proud of what we accomplish and it’s “impolite” to tell others…so we end up being horrible at “selling” ourselves during interviews!!! Most Americans and Australians I’ve met have no trouble with that at all!!


  3. That’s a really great way to look at things. If more people felt that way, and really practiced it, the world would be a much better place. Greed is the cause of so many problems in this world, people wanting to take over or control others at any cost. Making things a little better for one person at a time could do a lot of good.


    1. True what you say Peter. It’s just our conditioning…I feel. It’s so strange isn’t it? As we as a race, race to become more developed or progressive we lose sight of the simpler things!
      Thanks for your comment!


  4. I love bathroom wisdoms. I have so many epiphanies in the bathroom……oh, wait……..that’s probably TMI………..

    But seriously. We could do so much more for others if we focused on one person at a time. Great series, Shree.


    1. Ahahaha…my epiphanies (I borrowed your word..hehe) occur most times in the bathroom too! Especially when …you know…using the throne…that’s what they call it, isn’t it?

      And yes we could! We’re just so worried about making a BIG impact for everyone to see and acknowledge because that is how most of us have been brought up, that we soon forget the little things is what matters!!


  5. I love your bathroom discussions Shree,
    Being a Spiritual Healer who for years went every week to my Spiritual centre to give Free hands on healing, Many were so grateful for the energies they felt…

    But I know where you are coming from, For if people do not think it a treatment is worth anything, they think its no good, Its how our brains have been conditioned basically the higher the price of something the better it should be… Illogical I know, but its how our minds work as we have been brought up with indoctrinated thoughts, taught to us via our commercial world.

    I once said to my friend I was doing my aura-graph readings for nothing, back in the 90s as I gave my paintings away with a reading,many years ago now… She told me to charge for them, ( Some had taken over 20 hours or more to perfect ) but I was reluctant saying I didnt want to charge for my gift.. But she said to me when people pay they value it… I only did a few more which I charged a fee for… Then gave it up, for within me it didnt feel right… Where as I gave them away with my services I did within the Spiritualist centres I gave services in…

    Looking forward to more Bathroom *DING* moments πŸ™‚


    1. Oh Sue! Thanks so much for sharing your story with me! And yes, that’s how my sister feels too!

      I have one more Bathroom wisdom I need to write then we’ll just have to sit and wait…hehehe pun really not intended, for the next DING moment! teeheehee


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