How do we love amidst all the other stuff…

We have read these, we have heard these spoken of, we sort of know this but how in the world are we to do this?!


It comes in a variety of ways but the gist of it is that we are beautiful beings of love and light, that when we love and have compassion for others, the vibrations radiate out like the ripples in a body of water touching others, lifting up the energies of those around us, affecting in a positive way our situations and the environment within our circumference and beyond.

Here’s the thing though, it’s one thing for me to know that I’m a being of light and love but quite another to actually feel any love for that particular moron who cuts right in front of me without using the indicator or those silly dare devils who drive through red lights, especially when my mind goes on a rampage of how inconsiderate and dangerous they are, doing that.

Or how about when I inadvertently come across an article on the atrocities going on in my country…Bible burning, raiding of Hindu temples, disregard and disrespect for all others in the name of safe guarding the Muslim faith and the like…on Facebook! (So much for not reading the newspapers or watching the news…there’s always my trusty Facebook! D’oh!) I mean, I get pissed off…and I don’t even have to read the full article, just the title with the little snippet that comes with it. HOW am I going to feel love and compassion for those who are clearly acting like playground bullies (and feel free to add other colourful words)…how?? how??? HOW?

 The questions continue…

AND then, there is this other niggling doubt which I have, which is, how do I know if it is what I am meant to be doing? Does closing one’s eyes to the things which are happening around me by not watching the news or reading the newspaper mean that I am in fact running away from my responsibility as a citizen? Does not taking affirmative action by way of standing up and voicing out my grievances against the tyrannies mean that I am running away from my responsibility? Does it mean that those who, in their opinion doing their civic duty by spreading the news of what is happening around us, are just feeding this negative hell hole my country is going into?

How can we do both? How can we not feed this fire of anger and hate; and at the same time fight for our rights? Do we need to fight for our rights? ….Dear reader, if your mind has started twisting and turning into knots giving you a headache after all that, I truly apologize, because you see…that how I felt too!

And then it happened…

So anyways, one morning (actually it was on a Friday the 29th of August) as I was driving to work, listening to this awesome Chinese song and preparing to LOVE all the patients who I would meet that day ( because it was either that or get irritated about half way through my 12 and a half hour work day..hehe..ooops) this thought just popped into my head. Again, I wish I could say it felt like a lightning bolt  on a dark stormy night shedding a strong and powerful light on everything surrounding it…but nope. It was more like a switch being flicked on and then…there it was. No trumpets, no cute Archangel Michael winking knowingly at me or handsome Archangel Metatron smiling…just there. The seed just plopped down and began to germinate. (Can I just digress for a minute and say that I really would appreciate a more dramatic realization in an awesomely NICE way  once in a while? Please? Can I? …Thanks!)

I realized that there IS an opposite to LOVE. Love  is not “just IS”. There can be an absence of love, ergo an opposite to love. And what do we have when we remove ALL the labels that we put on emotions? Only the two basic feelings : LOVE and….FEAR! That was the seed which unceremoniously plopped into my mind!

Feelings…are not the exact same thing as emotions, according to what I have read. Emotions are triggered when our buttons are pushed…good or bad. Feelings are deeper. It’s more…substantial (?).

And it’s true isn’t it?  Just like Love has many facets to it like compassion, patience, care, love, joy, motivation, respect and so on, if we really dig deep down into all those negative emotions like anger, hate, disrespect, intolerance, bully behaviours , sadness, melancholy and the like…we will find fear.

So in other words…when I feel anger towards an individual or a situation at the crux of it, I am actually feeling fear and that fear is manifested as anger! Sooooo….if I were to look at an individual who is aggravating me and pushing all the wrong buttons within me, as someone who is fearful then it would make it easier and simpler for me to actually feel compassionate towards him and therefore demonstrate an aspect of love!!

Click image for source
Click image for source

The Experiment : Part I

 I fit all the stuff that brought out negative emotions from within such as anger (of course), guilt, sadness and this chip on my shoulder where I feel like I’m losing out on something….and examined them all. What I discovered was that each and every time I felt those emotions, there was an underlying fear within. I couldn’t escape it! Awesome! Now…part 2 of the experiment…

Part II

This time I fit some of the terrible things which are being done in my country…like the ones I mentioned earlier. This time I tried to put myself into their shoes. This time instead of giving myself a migraine trying to understand “Why??!!”, I put on the cloak of fear. And you know what? I got this fleeting sense of understanding. I could feel the fear of being displaced, of being stripped of all the things I presumed was the truth, of entitlement and of being left alone. Now, I have no idea if that’s what these politicians and those who blindly follow their biding actually felt those things BUT it did give me a sense of understanding from where they might be coming from. It gave me this visual of souls being trapped in this life where all the greatness and beauty and love has been forgotten; instead there is this feeling to total chaos, confusion and underneath it all this hopeless sense of fear.

That is when it happened…that is when I felt the small light of compassion for them. And it made me feel so sad.

So I now imagine, what if I could consciously remind myself of this, every moment of every day, then it *was* possible! It would be possible for me to send out genuine compassion and love to them and to everyone else! It could be possible for me to send compassion within me, for myself too!

I could help in raising the vibrations of my immediate surroundings, causing a ripple effect out to my neighbourhood, to my city, to my country and to the world by reminding myself that we are all beautiful ,beautiful souls trapped on this dimension because we have forgotten our true heritage and power; and are living in utter chaos within, which inadvertently manifests outwards as negativity, fearing everything and anything instead of living fearlessly. Because when we live without fear, there is no other option but to live in the light of love!

It’s no use until you do a NIKE

It’s one thing to gain some insight into something as profound as this, it’s another thing to start applying it in our lives, well at least it is for me.  So, I’ve been trying to apply this in my daily life.

It takes a conscious effort to do this. Sometimes I remember, sometimes I remember after the fact and sometimes it completely runs away and hides in the closet, but I am hopeful that as I keep reminding myself and as I keep doing it, it will become a part of my life.


I don’t know if this is something new to you, dear friend or something which you’ve already figured out…just to let you know I’m usually the one who turns up late to these sorts of “parties” ( and definitely not in a fashionable style either, I just sort of stumble in…hehe), but if you’ve always wondered how you can stand up for your rights, or learn to show love and compassion especially when all you want to do is throttle the person or persons with a sledgehammer, then maybe this way would make it more practical 🙂

Maybe this is how citizens of the world can learn to “fight for their rights”. Not play into these activities that feed the flames of anger and hate; but instead stand up for our rights by understanding how to do so with love …or at least with some aspects of love such as patience , understanding and compassion. Maybe instead of demonstrating on the streets, we could in a group or even as individuals raise the vibrations of love and light so that it can dispel the darkness by believing in our own power, trusting in it more so now in this age.

And I feel  this is what “Live live fearlessly” is about.

At this point it would awesome if you went on ahead to read the posts linked below by three bloggers who talk about love & fear. These posts made me feel more confident that what I felt and learned was on the right track. 🙂

  1. My Truth as I see it by SueDreamwalker
  2. The Ripples of Evolution – What waves are you making? by SueDreamwalker
  3. How Paralyzing is it? by Eric Tonningsen
  4. What is your perspective by Karen Kubicko

24 thoughts on “How do we love amidst all the other stuff…

  1. You might enjoy this quote:

    It is interesting to me that people don’t see any connection between their misery and their complaints ~ their feeling of being a victim; the feeling that everyone is doing something to them. It’s amazing. How many times has this connection been pointed out in the dharma talks? How many? And yet because of our fear we won’t look.

    ~ Charlotte Joko Beck, Everyday Zen, Love & Work


  2. Clearly you are doing the work of a spiritual light worker Shree. And your epiphany was channeled from A Course In Miracles :
    This is a course in miracles. It is a required course. Only the time you take it is voluntary. Free will does not
    mean that you can establish the curriculum. It means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time. The course does not aim at teaching the meaning of love, for that is beyond what can be taught. It does aim, however, at removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence, which is your natural inheritance. The opposite of love is fear, but what is all-encompassing can have no opposite.

    This course can therefore be summed up very simply in this way:

    Nothing real can be threatened.
    Nothing unreal exists.

    When I was reading your thoughts on the opposite of Love, I kept thinking fear,fear, fear …… and then you said it!

    Sublime post with plenty to chew on. The world around us seems to be swirling out of control, but that is an illusion. Fortunately, love is not – it is real.

    love ya, Linda

    Herein lies the peace of God.


    1. Oh! I haven’t read the Course in Miracles yet! But it’s one of the subjects I’m taking..hehe.

      Yea..I’m feeling that most have sort of gotten it, that the absence of love is fear, and to be honest..I think it’s been on my mind for a bit…it just didn’t click together till that Friday morning.

      Thanks so much for contributing to my learning too Linda!! and thanks so much for the comment 😀


      1. wow I wanna go to your school if it teaches the Course , how cool ! I noticed that my comment is a bit out of sequence. The last sentence Herein lies the piece of God is the last line of the quote. Yet, I kinda like how it ended up as my final line, hmmmmm

        WordPress is allknowing, not!!! thanks for teaching me too, we reinforce the lessons by interacting with each other 🙂


        1. Hehehe…well it’s a long distance program and we ave student advisors we can email or contact but it’s mostly self study. It’s the American Institute of Holistic Theology and based in Alabama.

          I’ve requested that they send me the Course in Miracles in the last package because a friend of mine who has done it said that it takes some time to go through it….so thought I’d keep it for the last.


  3. Hello Shree,
    Great post!
    It is hard to live, be and breathe ‘positiveness’ all day and night. The world keeps reminding us that there are things to fear. It is very frustrating. I think the best thing I have ever done is to stop watching the news and reading the paper. I don’t need to be reminded each day of all the bad things.
    There are tons of good, positive, loving things they could be reporting on the news, but they choose not talk about those things (their ratings could drop).
    Sometimes I think maybe we notice the negative happenings since we strive to learn how others have overcome some tragedy…. how did they do it? We want to know.
    I hope one day it will be millions of people who focus (live, breathe) on the positive that the rest will be a minority and fear (and all that goes with it) will quietly fade away.
    Much love and appreciation to you for including my recent blog post Shree!


    1. You’re welcome Karen and thank you for leaving a comment as well!!

      The thing is sometimes I feel we are “forced” in a way….or maybe the word is “pressured” to feel positive and happy all of the time, which isn’t really plausible or realistic to do! And you know, fear does have it’s benefits too…but yes, on the whole it is what the world needs right now…more love..and the one sure way of doing that is to remove the fear and allow love in 🙂


  4. Thank you, Shree, for linking to one of my posts. I am humbled that its words are worthy of your recommendation.

    To this post, I take away three overarching thoughts: 1) It’s always about choice and we can choose to live in and with fear of choose to find ways to live outside of it. 2) I love your “…until you do a NIKE.” analogy. 🙂 3) “…felt the small light of compassion for them” was touching and speaks volumes of your actions. A substantive post here! Thank you.


    1. Thank you Eric…for having posted your post at the time you did and for your thoughtful comment 😀

      I love the “do the NIKE” too…it’s more interesting than just saying “Just do it!”…lol


  5. I agree with you, Shree. Focusing on the negatives only enhances them within our world, as looking for the good enhances and emphasizes the good. I like to feel good as often as I can, but sometimes, like the morons who cut me up (love that sentence by the way!) I allow the negativity of that moment into my world, my good feeling goes out of the window, and I sit squeezing the life out of my steering wheel. I’m now more aware, and can bring my good feeling back a lot quicker than before as I let the negativity just go… smiling a lot helps too. I’m doing a lot more of that nowadays as well. Great post, Shree!


    1. Thanks Tom! And I think it’s awesome that you are able to bring back the good feeling so much faster..!!
      Also agree with what you have said, as Sue said too…focusing on the negatives it’s like pouring kerosene into the fire!! 😀


  6. Often it takes a lot of conscious effort to put into practice, for at the end of the day we are Human, and so are our emotions as we can react in Fight or Flight mode to many situations… Learning to ‘See’ knowing that so many things of a destructive nature are happening within our world which eats away at our hearts…. ( Often the very reason these things are being shown via our media, is to keep us fearful, for to live in fear we are more manageable)
    But how do we learn to feel positive when we know so much negative is happening… I once spoke of Detachment on one of my posts, as we learn to detach from the horrors, then someone said how can you detach from knowing so many are constantly living the lives they do.. I said something like I Do Feel, thats the problem, by getting all fired up and angry at what we are being shown especially via the Media, is only adding more of that Anger to the Mix of energy, so I am not helping but adding to it if I get angry… Where as if I send Love to that situation or compassion, I am adding my hearts energy allowing my Peaceful response to be added to the Mix…
    Learning to Let go of Anger, Hatred, Bitterness, Jealousies, resentments, and not being judgemental doesn’t come easy in any ones book as we learn to forgive, I have had these lessons to learn throughout my life in one form or another, We each have these emotions, for we are Energy Beings, and we either have Love or Fear… Positive or Negative Emotions, One is needed to experience the Other, we could not experience this world if the two didnt exist… We need Light and Dark, as we see it as Good or Bad, Left or Right, Up and Down, Our World being created for this Experience..
    But we need Balance….. this is where our Love becomes so important… For if we get caught within the Fear, we then create More Fear and the World then reflects back our Conscious Thoughts.. Like now as the warmongering Crisis is ongoing,
    We need to choose, our choice, Right Thinking, Right Actions, The Eightfold Path Link here
    All each of us can do Shree is to try our best to love amidst the suffering, for like in that video, not all have come here to be saved…. But we will try our best to help shed some light to illuminate their darkness as we pray for a world of Harmony

    Love and Peace and such a wonderful insightful Post this has been my friend
    Thank you
    Sue xox 🙂
    PS, the Soap-box came out again, KICK! 🙂


    1. It is so much easier isn’t it? And it’s so strange because it’s a learned behaviour…and to think our society
      ..the close and not so close had a part in it!

      And I’m glad that I got to know you too!! 😀


  7. I think your thoughts on this matter are very insightful and quite true. Strangely, I’ve recently been thinking along these same lines, but you have put it much more eloquently. I think fear is one of the most powerful underlying motivators that affects us all in many ways. And I think most of the time, we don’t have any idea what is making us feel or act a certain way. Even though we are supposedly rational beings, we are emotionally driven much of the time. I think you’re quite right in believing fear is the root cause of a lot of the world’s ills. And of course knowing something intellectually, doesn’t make it easy to implement it in the heat of the moment. We can only try to work at it, and when we fail, strive to do better next time


    1. True that Peter! I like the way you put it too!! 😀
      It’s like practicing to ride a bicycle…kinda. Keep trying though we will fall off…but the thing is to keep questioning our motivations until we work through all that muck we carry with us. Sometimes though, I feel it may take more than a life time! But it’s still worth it 🙂

      PS: For some reason this particular comment went to my spam box!!! 😦
      I saved it though 😉


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