Dying to be me by Anita Moorjani

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Clicking image take you to source.

I remember the time when my classmates were going on and on about how wonderfully cute Tom Cruise was. I was 17 and had never even seen any of his movies or his picture. They kept insisting that I just *had* to watch Top Gun because the movie was good and well…he was just that cute in it. Ah..peer pressure in the 80’s…so yes, I watched it because you know…I *had* to!

And boy, I guess the majority can get it right (sometimes).

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Dying to be me by Anita Moorjani was literally shoved into my hands by a friend. I guess peer pressure never really goes out of style, even in your 40’s 😉 I’d heard about the book, I’d heard how wonderful the book was and how well it was written and how profound it all was…but you see I wasn’t interested in reading the book. I wasn’t interested because I had grown tired of reading about how every other author had such special gifts and could connect with Spirit / Source. You see, as far as I was concerned, I was “normal”. I didn’t have any life altering event happen to me. I didn’t have any obvious gifts which could help me relate to what these authors were saying. I’d decided to rather read books which gave me information so that it could be taken within, to be processed and if it suited or resonated, then to learn to apply it.

One Monday afternoon when my mind demanded that I just take a chill pill and relax, my eyes wandered over to the bookshelf. I wanted a nice thin book, something that didn’t require me to think…at all. I spied the light blue spine with the words Dying to be me and Anita Moorjani, so I decided well why not! I had to return the book to my friend and it would be rude to hand it back to her without reading it! ( you like the way I think? 😉 )

A few hours later, plans of taking an afternoon nap having flown out the window I was not only done reading the book but I was so glad that I gave it a chance 😀

Published by Hay House in 2012, Anita tells a compelling story. I also kinda liked the fact we both shared the same name 😉

There was nothing I did not like about the book. Her style of writing reminds me of another wonderful book I had read quite a few years ago called A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown (and yes, that *is* her real name. An awesome book of how the human spirit can, if we choose to, rise up from the most difficult life situations we find ourselves in…) When Anita tells her story…I can’t really explain it except to say that though there is feeling in it she doesn’t over do it. The feeling is more of, this is my story, this is what happened…here it is to read. It’s simple and…it’s relate-able.

Clicking on image takes you to Anita's website!
Clicking on image takes you to Anita’s website!

I could relate to it because she was like me…like you…like anyone of us, trying to live our lives the best that we know how. She had her own issues to deal with, just like every one of us. She stepped on more than a few toes, to realize her dreams, she had to contend with being abnormal in her community because we all know how our communities and societies cannot comprehend anyone being so against cultural norms!

Then…she developed cancer and as it raged inside her she fought the best way she could. However, four hard years later as her body shut down one by one, she found herself at death’s door, in a coma. She walked out of the hospital in complete remission a few weeks later.

Anita Moorjani had a near death experience. What was awesome is that she came back with the knowledge that her spirit, her magnificence self was so powerful, that she was able to heal herself. What was even more awesome was that she remembered her experience and was able to tell us what she learned.

About how we truly are these wonderful magnificent beings, how we are the center of our Universe, that we do affect everyone that we come in contact with…and then some, that we are a part of this great tapestry, that in the great scheme of life everything and every one of us are connected. She shares with us some of how she had to adjust after gaining this understanding, how she realizes who she was and who she is after the experience. She shares the importance of not living in fear but with joy. She tells us how she learns to just allow things to unfold and that our lives can be the reflections of what’s happening to us at a soul levels. She shares all this and more.

Dying to be me, is 161 pages with 26 pages of Q&A based on the most frequently asked questions she gets. It’s actually an easy read, with the first half of the book dedicated to Anita’s life from her childhood till the time ends up in the hospital, while the second half takes us on the journey of her near death experience and what she learns from it. She describes the experience in so much of details and at times struggles to tell us how it felt because for her even the words unconditional love which she felt at that time couldn’t even cover it.

I’d like to share a few paragraphs from the book’s chapter titled Allowing and Being Yourself (p158) :

” Sometimes when we see someone who’s really upbeat, effervescent, and kind, but whose life is crumbling, we may think, See? This “being positive” thing doesn’t work. But here’s the issue: we don’t know that individual’s inner dialogue. We don’t know what other people are telling themselves day in and day out, or whether they’re emotionally happy. And most important, we don’t know whether they love and value themselves!

Because of what I realized in my NDE, I feel it’s so important not to have judgment and fear toward myself. When my inner dialogue is telling me that I’m safe, unconditionally loved, and accepted, I then radiate this energy outwards and change my external world accordingly. My outer life is actually only a reflection of my inner state.

It’s not important whether I’m having a bad day or bad week. It’s more important how I’m feeling about myself while I’m facing this day or week. It’s about trusting the process even as I face a difficult time and not being afraid to feel anxiety, sadness or fear, rather than suppressing everything until those emotions pass. It’s about allowing myself to be true to who I am. Because of this, the feelings will dissipate and occur less and less frequently.”

Now…I’m going to do what I feel should be done…”pressure” you into getting the book and reading it!! Hehe.

I really hope you do and if you do…I really hope you really, really like what you read 🙂

17 thoughts on “Dying to be me by Anita Moorjani

  1. We have discussed this exceptional book Shree, and it was a joy to find it on my reader tonite ( tomorrow for you lol! ) Her book really complements the message of your last post, about self-love over living in fear. I think the relationship between the two are connected. I am happy someone forced you to read the book and that you reviewed it here. When life gets very rough, I often remind myself of her book and how life is really about joyful expression.


    1. Yes…I had actually scheduled this review first and my last post some time later, but then I felt it would flow better if I did it this way 🙂

      I love her writing style…made me feel that it was achievable…and not some thing out there…you know?


  2. I didn’t know much about her until I heard her during The Hay House World Summit, she was amazing. Good review Shree. I haven’t read it. I have been reading Ester Hick’s, “Ask and it is Given.” One day though I shall.


  3. Thank you Shree, I had not heard of this lady before or her wonderful journey, but I can see I shall have to get this Book and read…
    Wonderful to know how NDE always changes our reality, our minds are so conditioned within our Human experience we have long forgotten how truly magnificent BEings we all are and what each of us a capable of healing ourselves from within, and then some. Big smiles at you and thank you for sharing Shree .. 🙂


      1. ahahah lol i meant “i had a crush on him but that didn’t make sense since i was a baby” ahahah anyway, colin farrell = GOOD CHOICE! Love his accent and pretty much everything about him.
        have a nice day.


  4. Thanks for the review, Shree.

    Often what happens to us on our path is there for a reason . . . to teach us something that we need to know. It is up to us to discern the reason and apply the lesson. When we don’t, the Universe tries again to get our attention.


    1. True…I totally agree with that. Sometimes I also think that we shouldn’t try too hard when it comes to the Why because there will be times when the lesson or the reason why will slowly emerge…when the time is right 🙂


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